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  1. [Tutorial] Using Extended Sample Character Template

    Hey if anyone is still experiencing the same issue as me, I found a solution! The problem seems to have been with having a save file with esctemplate character. So my solution: Do small thing in character, like changing the names everywhere *Additional step: Delete the .zip file in anim folder, delete .zip file in exported->esctemplate; use autocompiler.exe in DS Mod Tools Launch game and start new save file to test mod Delete save file after testing and quit game Repeat
  2. [Tutorial] Using Extended Sample Character Template

    Been going through this whole thread to try to find a solution to this. Other people have mentioned it as well. Things I tried: Double checking every step of making the mod Verifying integrity of game files Running from cmd as admin Using helperfile (compiler.cmd) The animation files and everything else looks perfect, compiles in as it should. But after clicking Enable, the game first goes to a completely black screen and does nothing (doesn't issue crash report). Then when you next load in the game you start at the mod warning screen, clicking I Understand makes game go to black and windows issues a report that Don't Starve has stopped working. No crash log though.