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      Rhymes with Play Dev Cast - Animating for Don't Starve Together   01/18/2018

      Join the Don't Starve Together team on Twitch this Thursday, January 18th, where we will be showing our animation process for the game, starting with keyframes with basic shapes and moving into completed motion arcs with clean up. If you've ever wanted to try your hand at Flash animation, join our stream and follow along with us!  As always, the stream will be going live at 3:30 PM PST (11:30 PM UTC). Where is it?
      https://www.twitch.tv/kleientertainment Use our handy new widget below to see when the stream goes live in your area: Check out the stream announce thread for discussions!


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  1. Thank you for replying, but this doesn't work for me. Thank you! I just reset everything and it goes back to normal, actually I've never set any keybinds before...
  2. I was trying to play don't starve reign of giant today, but when I was in the main menu screen, my console command window pops up whenever I left click my mouse, also, the "`" button doesn't work when I was trying to open the console. Can someone help me with this problem?