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  1. Insulation Tempshift Plates Transfer Heat

    The formula is the same, but the parameters are different based on the material used. Insulation is the only material used in the plate's construction, therefore, it should inherit all of its properties, including the 0 thermal conductivity. The fact that a material with 0 thermal conductivity can change at all is a problem in itself.
  2. Pipes made from insulation not insulating

    That's interesting, as the game explicitly states that energy transfer is determined by "the object with the lowest Thermal Conductivity". If it was calculated by the average, everything should be affected, including non-insulated tiles. Moreover, a thermal conductivity of 0 should mean it is unable to change in temperature, as it can't receive or distribute thermal energy.
  3. I don't understand the problem, it works fine for me. I also started a sandbox game, created a Bottle Emptier, and the only options that were available were "Sweep only" and "All", but this is because I didn't bottle any liquids, hence, they weren't discovered yet. Once I mopped some water, the liquid dropdown was there, and I could select water. If this is not what you meant, please let me know.
  4. 1) Using the sandbox brush, you can paint in liquid with temperatures exceeding its evaporation point. 2) Updating this superheated liquid while it is above 4000 Kelvin produces tungsten...
  5. Regular pipes made from insulation can exchange heat with its contents, changing the temperature of both the contents and the insulation. This doesn't seem to happen with insulated pipes. This shouldn't happen as a material with 0 thermal conductivity should be unable to change temperature.
  6. Insulation Tempshift Plates Transfer Heat

    I found another bug but I didn't want to spam the forum with another thread for something so small. Double-clicking on the base header on the load game menu loads the save, but doesn't show the loading screen. To Reproduce: Double click on the base header on the load game menu (The bit with the asteroid picture).
  7. As it says on the tin, tempshift plates made from insulation, transfer heat.
  8. Crash on rocket landing

    Game no longer crashes as of 291640.
  9. Steel is mistakenly categorized as a raw metal in the world inventory. As for the steam, the refinery contains polluted water at over 180 Celsius. The specific heat capacity and low evaporation point mean I usually use oil as a (disposable) coolant instead. It is reasonable that the water does evaporate, considering the input is around 50 Celsius, but 180 is a bit high.
  10. Morbs deliver fine for me. Are you sure your duplicants aren't already busy with other tasks? If they're not, a save file might be helpful.
  11. The game consistently crashes after the rocket lands. The glitch was reported here: But was flagged as fixed. I'm just worried that this was a mistake, as I'm still experiencing the crash with the latest update. Deconstructing the invisible command capsule returns the duplicant and atmo suit, and prevents the rocket from landing (hence it prevents the crash), however, I want my rocket back. SPAAAACE.sav
  12. Duplicants sleeping to their death.

    I would put this under suggestions, as this isn't really a bug.
  13. Graphical glitch

    I don't understand the problem, the graphics seem better that way! Klei put this in your next update! But really, I would assume it would be your graphics driver, as I've not encountered the problem myself. I wish you luck in finding the solution so you can continue to enjoy the game.
  14. The game crashed after destroying a pipe. I destroyed a broken pipe on the output tile of a glass forge, rebuilt the pipe, emptied the forge, then destroyed the pipe again, the game crashed. I don't know how to reproduce the crash, but I hope the log is useful.