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  1. I found a very pretty view of the shattered planet from a naturally-occurring 'space window' in my asteroid. While I was admiring the view, I noticed that on Thermal overlay it appears very white; so I checked the other views and on Germ overlay it's also stark white. But in the remaining overlays it blends in. Golden Pit.sav
  2. On the Consumables table (F), the more pink a food is the more morale it provides. And when a dupe has the No Taste trait that provides a +1 bonus to morale from food, it would be expected that that dupe's row would be one level more pink than everyone else. However, I've got a Joshua with No Taste and he gets +1 from Mush Fry, while my Lindsay gets 0 from Mush Fry. And the Mush Fry square for Joshua is white while the square is slightly pink for Lindsay. I have not checked Gourmet.
  3. I don't know if this is intentional, but it seems like a lot. So, when a grown pip dies it yields 1600 kcal meat, a drecko or hatch yields 3200 kcal (I think). But from three shove vole pups that hatched from eggs from the printer pod, 16,000 kcal each. That's a lot of meat. There might be one more zero than intended there.
  4. Fun fact: if you wraggle them while they're in the floor, they will pop 'up' one tile. Does not work with walls though: they just stay trussed in the wall.
  5. Love the new trackers, by the way. However, I did notice that three zeros were dropped between the achievement description and the tracker itself. For example, Carnivore and Locavore require 400,000 kilocalories (kcal) or 400 megacalories (Mcal) or 400,000,000 calories; and the tracker only lists the goal as 400 kcal instead of 400 Mcal. Super Sustainable requires 240 MJ (240,000 kJ) power to be generated, and my colony has generated 356.4 kJ, which is more than 240 kJ but far less than 240 MJ. It's tracking correctly, but the units are off.
  6. Ooooh, the schedule might be it. Now that I think of it, I schedule multiple hours for bathtime when I have only outhouses because if they're all in use or one needs to be emptied I want the dupes to have plenty of time so no one pees on the floor.
  7. So I started up a new colony tonight after the update, and I popped the One Bed One Bath colony advancement early. It specifies, "Have at least one bed and one toilet for each duplicant in the colony." and I had 3 dupes, 3 beds, but only 2 outhouses. Great Timeline.sav
  8. I think it's still kinda odd that they don't stack together despite being used for the same purpose and have the same name. It's a small thing, but it just doesn't 'seem' intentional. I mean, the fiber produced by the Thimble Reed plant and the fiber harvested from the backs of Dreckos are both considered 'reed fiber' and stack together.
  9. I was looking to put some store the ingredients for making lime near my ore crusher, and noticed that the pokeshell molt entry is under 'industrial ingredient' instead of 'organic' like eggshell. And also it appears twice. Volcano Town.sav
  10. I noticed a small inconsistency with the naming of the sculptures: I think it was intended that the mid-range statue would be a "Quaint Sculpture" and the description would read Mediocre. So the art quality levels enabled by the decorating skills are Crude, Mediocre, and Masterful: A statue carved with crude skill is called an "Abstract" Sculpture with a decription of Crude. And a statue carved with masterful skill is called a Genius Sculpture with a description of Masterful. But a statue carved with mediocre skill is called a Mediocre Sculpture with a description of Quaint.
  11. When viewing the Fish Feeder building in some overlays (Temperature and Germ) the lower half still has the papery-white temporary-asset look to it.
  12. I just tried starting a new colony and noticed that all Terra asteroid seeds have no unusual features listed; not even good ones like geodes or metal rich! I can't tell if it's not generating them or if it is generating features and just not showing them. Unknown if it's intentional as Terra is the 'standard' asteroid, but now it's very standard.
  13. In the Thermal overylay (F3) while hovering over debris on the ground, the temperature is listed twice. I've only found it in Thermal overlay. Creature eggs and seeds are not effected.
  14. A tile that contains a vacuum has no tooltip when hovered in some overlays. In the regular view, hovering the mouse pointer over a tile that contains a vacuum will display the vacuum tooltip. However, in Oxygen, Materials, Plumbing, and Ventilation overlays give no tooltip at all while hovering over the vacuum tile. The thermal and electrical overlays do have the tooltip.
  15. Probably not a big deal, but it was weird. I found some thimble reed seeds in a POI that I uprooted because they were too hot, and moved them to my nature preserve. When my pip planted them in the ground, they suddenly became too cold to grow, which was colder than the tile where they were planted and the pip itself. There is a caustic biome directly up from the location, so the area was a bit warmer than usual; I think the tiles around there were like 22-24ish C. The seed started off 23.2 C, and then went down to 19.9 C and had to exchange some heat before it started growing again.
  16. It's possible to get the colony advancement 'Some Reservations' after creating only one park sign to make one room a reservation even though it specifies 4 reservations be created. It seems to happen after building a park sign and then doing digging in the room to expand it. The room seems to flicker between 'nature preserve' and 'miscellaneous room' as the digs happen, which seems to count as more than one nature reserve being constructed. Unfortunately, I deleted the screenshot but I did pull out a save file after it happened. Volcano Town.sav
  17. With a farm tile selected, looking at the 'wort seed' shows the 'effects' of the last selected seed: If you click on gas grass seed and then the wort seed, the effects field will still list the gas grass seed's effect; if you click on sleet wheat and then click wort, it says it makes sleet wheat grains.
  18. After discovering a pre-built Security Door, the Red Light, Green Light colony advancement triggered because the door is presumably attached to a non-functional automation grid (at least it has been in other doors I've found). However, I don't have automation unlocked and have no access to the automation overlay, so the achievement is a bit premature. Map seed: 24806994 Sneezing Rat's Nest.sav
  19. Plants that produce Floral Scent germs are not marked as a germ source in the germ overlay, even though there are floral scent germs being produced around them. It makes it difficult to determine where exactly the germs are coming from; I know ripe bristle berries will produce germs, but not sure which other plants produce them. somewhat related: pufts are marked as a germ source, but appear to not produce slimelung germs.
  20. I haven't been able to replicate it deliberately, and I'm not sure how I keep doing it; but every time I load up I get one of these numbers stuck on my screen from either the dig tool or the cancel tool. And they persist until reloading.
  21. In the research tree, the tooltip for the Sick Bay building says that it requires the Medicine Compounding skill, but the Skills tree says Duplicant Treatment is required. And the Med Chamber also says required Duplicant Treatment, but skills screen says Improved Medicine I is required. Also, Apothecary does not list it's requirement of Medicine Compounding in the research screen.
  22. I never noticed that fourth zero. For as long as I've been looking at it I always thought there were only 3. My mistake! In my defense, if the tooltip displayed 150 g - 10 kg it would be easier to read.
  23. perhaps it's a feature just not implemented yet, but I noticed that plants don't follow the upper limit of gas pressure shown in the tooltip. I had a morb spawn in a natural pocket producing some really high pressures exceeding 1000 grams with no reaction from the plants. A more common occurrence is mealwood plants being under oxygen or carbon dioxide around 1500 grams like the rest of the base and still growing.