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  1. Uh... may I ask what does this mean?
  2. Surprisingly, nothing changed. The error still remains the same.
  3. While launching the world - the error seems to appear. It says that in the character LUA there is an unexpected symbol near ':'. It seems that I clearly did something wrong in the code, but I don't seem to fully understand.
  4. I'm so thankful for your help. You don't mind if I would ask several more questions if I will get into the dead end? Well, if that would be okay.
  5. Wow, thank you for the reply! I'm completely new in this kind of thing and I have absolutely no experience in coding and etc. But I would say that my biggest problem is a sprite example at some point if we get to the transformation part. I have no idea of what I should do or how to draw to progress.
  6. I've been searching for helpful guides in a while now. It may be just my inattention, but I just can't find anything to help me. I wanted to make character lose his sanity faster when he's not around anybody. Players in particular. But I couldn't find anything useful for me. Maybe somebody would want to help me a little with it? I already gave up on trying to plan a transformation in full moon, but if anybody would like to help me with this - I would be really grateful.