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  1. Modern Art: 0Decor_ModernArt.yaml Strange Brick: 0Decor_StrangeBrick.yaml Ribiks Cube: 0Decor_RubixCube.yaml Office Mug: 0Decor_OfficeMug.yaml Sandstone: 0Decor_SandStone.yaml Sink: 0Decor_Sink.yaml Plasma Lamp: 0Decor_PlasmaLamp.yaml MoonMoonMoon: 0Decor_MoonMoonMoon.yaml Magma Lamp: 0Decor_MagmaLamp.yaml I couldn't spawn the Bioluminescent Rock even editing the yaml file. Seems it isn't fully implemented yet
  2. Edit a dupe traits to "Ellie", Diver's Lungs and Deeper Diver's Lungs. Now your dupe actually is an oxygen generator! It's nice that the game allows dupes to actually produce oxygen xD