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  1. Sounds like another perk for Maxwell...sigh
  2. Forget pigs lol Was the Christmas skins just temporary?
  3. Mr. skits: Future development

    I always thought little dude was a small Terror waiting to get big...
  4. Thingy Thoughts

    You say this but have Webber as a profile pic... Hmmmm Thoughts on the Spider Queen?
  5. Webbers Paradise

    Question to y'all Webbers what are y'all thoughts on the Spider Queen and Spider Hat for Webber?
  6. I seen someone else make a post about this and plus I been playing DST so long that when today I played DS today I remembered that the swamp is Supposed to have mashrooms in it lol
  7. Questionable Things

    Them flower deaths are gruesome
  8. Do anybody still have their Christmas skins?
  9. I had a spider base today and the bone key.... SMH lol Chester kept respawning to get mauled lol.... But I wonder about the shadow Chester tho