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  1. What I'd like to see is an option that gets activated while you're carrying a nut and you're right on the edge of the water to just drop it into the water yourself. It seems stupid to me that instead of chucking it into the drink, you have to build another boat, build a winch on it, place the nut on the winch and lower it down. Let me just chuck it over the edge when I'm near it, please.
  2. Aha of course, thank you =) Why not both? =) Bigger stacks makes perfect sense, but more slots is still important I feel because there are many things which don't stack. Maybe that's less of a problem for more experienced players, or maybe more experienced players have just played so long that they've had to adjust and get used to not keeping many items around. Either way, more slots, bigger stacks, yes please =) Spot on! Very scary =(
  3. Aha thank you good to know, I don't think I've seen one of those yet but I will keep my eyes open =) I mean... sure, but it's kind of super difficult and I just don't want to. Maybe eventually. But I feel that's kind of separate from my point which is that something as simple and basic like turf shouldn't require such a crazy difficult excursion, especially since turf construction is so inconsistent already; Some turf you can make from Alchemy, some you require a recipe for but then you can make it from Alchemy, and then something as common as Grass Turf, locked behind ruins. This is inconsistent and silly, in my opinion.
  4. Hello there! I have a list of suggestions and some grievances, which no doubt will ruffle feathers for many of you who know how to play, but I don't, I'm a newbie =) I've had the game for ages, tried a handful of times but never made it past a couple of days before dying and giving up. Thrown into the deep end, with a steep learning curve, I just couldn't overcome the initial frustration hurdle. But recently I tried again, I ended up on Walter without knowing anything about him, and have actually been enjoying playing since =) So here is my list of heresies: When you get a loading screen it turns black, then a bright default neutral, then it loads your vignette. Could you please take out the bright middle screen, and instead go directly from black to vignette, bypassing the sudden jolt of brightness in between. It can be kind of blinding when it happens. Force-Planting saplings or grass or walls or similar things; The item's placement is green, it has found a placement, but you right-click and it disappears from selection because apparently your mouse was too close to another item. If I see a small hole in the sapling garden and the placement is green, let me hold in a key to FORCE-PLANT that sapling whether the text "press right mouse to plant" shows up or not. It's really annoying and dare I say stupid that you have to look for not only a free spot, but also an area that doesn't interfere with the helpful mouse text which lets you know you can plant it, the thing I already knew because the placement had turned green. Please change the **** frequency for tamed Beefalo, it's always everywhere ALL THE TIME. Either that or allow us to craft Beef Diapers, attached to a Beef and fills up to say 100 shits when it falls off on its own, full diaper can be used to craft poop buckets maybe. Or when Beef Bell is on the ground, allow it to only **** very near it. Or just turn off poop for tamed Beef entirely. Please. When Walter's Slingshot is loaded with ammo and is in your inventory but not equipped please add a small coloured circle somewhere on its icon to indicate which ammo type it's loaded with, so if you wanted to have multiple slingshots with different ammos loaded you could actually see which is which. Poop ammo for the slingshot shouldn't draw mob aggro from mobs around the one you hit, it feels a little counter-intuitive when that one spider which is following you loses its aggro but two million other spiders get pissed off. When you're in your base and you use Force Attack to kill say a bird with the Slingshot, if you have any Walls nearby they will take priority. I don't know why you'd want to be able to attack your own walls but if so please have your walls be force-attackable ONLY with melee weapons. The Slingshot starts tearing down the base so quick for a small mistake. Mushlight/Glowcap; The second is an upgraded version of the first, yet both are dropped from the same place. Make the Mushlight available (and craftable) from something a little bit more obtainable and keep the Glowcap locked behind the Toadstool as a (now guaranteed) drop. Skins for the Beef Bell as identifying markers so you don't mix up your own bell with your friends', or even if you have multiple Beefs with different traits. Perhaps selectable through a new tab in the Grooming Station in the same styles as available for your Beef. Otherwise just add a couple of belonging skins for them, perhaps even something as simple as different colours for the same skin like backpacks. Decrease build-collision for Walls. If I can build a structure and then a wall around it I should be able to build a Wall first and then still place the structure next to it. Maybe decrease build-collision for other things as well. More Base Decoration; A1) Turf; Maybe (probably) controversial, but as a newbie who hasn't yet gone to the ruins, please don't require going to the ruins to craft turf. It's just turf. The Tamper should be craftable by Alchemy and instead of being its own crafting station have it be a Turf Analyzer where you drop in a single piece of turf and you get a blueprint to craft it at the Alchemy. Having such basic base decoration locked behind a really difficult place is kind of alienating for newbies/casuals, maybe we just like creating and decorating bases and not staring down terror, at least not yet. A2) More new kinds of turf geared specifically for base building, like different looking tile-turfs (sandstone, granite, clay, brick etc), maybe gravel, mossy stones, maybe turf that reacts to the environment like rainfall by creating nice animations of water flowing along certain turf. Addendum: Just after writing this I came across the tile floor in the place with knowledge fountains, that's kind of what I had in mind so that's great. But MORE of this please. B) More new looks for Walls, maybe new combinations of old Walls like Rock+Gold, Rock+Moonrock, Gold+Moonrock, Flint+Rock, new Wood Wall using Wood+Driftwood, Wood+Tentaclespot etc. Either new items or just belonging skins for regular Walls. C) More new kinds of plantable trees, new types of plants, potted plants, potted palmtrees, potted cactuses, things to make your garden pop etc. D) More new decorative items, chairs, stools, tables, benches etc. Like with the tile I just discovered, there are cool chairs/tables/vases there as well, I don't know if you can recreate those yourself yet, but more like that if so please. E) Need lectern for cook book; when placed on the ground it can't be read, but when inside a container it can be. I'd like to have a structure like a lectern where you can see the open book resting on it and when interacted with it opens the book directly, this way I can place it near the food area without having to either go looking for it, or accidentally picking it up if it's on the floor. Chests need their volume increased; There is no reason that a much bigger container which takes 12 logs to craft yields exactly one slot more than a backpack made from 4 twigs and it just creates a mess of an ever expanding storage problem when building a base. It doesn't make any sense that a storage solution (emphasis on solution) ends up being a problem of ever expanding areas taking up huge portions of your base and being extremely annoying when you're trying to sort loot. Heaven forbid you're looking for that one thing you forgot where you placed it, and you have to hear the "CLONG!" sound 9 times before you find the item. Inventory management with chests in DST is a nightmare and bad design, a handful of chests should be enough. If the reason for the miniscule capacity is to create a log sink, then simply scale up the logs required. Behold, 12 logs vs 4 twigs (cave bananas added for extra effect):
  5. Well, then how about this: Why couldn't an insulated backpack be an upgrade to an existing backpack? Instead of crafting a whole separate backpack item, you just add the gear/doodad/fur or whatever is required to your regular backpack, now it's insulated AND it can retain its backpack skin. EDIT: I meant to quote this post, I made an earlier reply quoting another, I don't know how to delete that post so I chose hide, but I'm not sure if that was a local hide from myself only, or hide it from everyone else, so if you see two posts, Baarko was the one I meant to quote. Sorry, confused about forum mechanics
  6. Hello! There are many great skins for backpacks, but if I want to use an insulated backpack currently I have to forego my preferred look and rely only on the singular default skin for it. Could you make it so the backpack skins work for the insulated backpack as well? Please and thank you =) EDIT: Based on the discussion that evolved, I think a better solution would be to instead of having the insulated backpack be a separate item from the regular backpack, make the regular one upgradable with some resources to have the insulating property while retaining your regular skin.
  7. Hello! Does anyone have a screenshot or a video link with timestamp to a screen that has a bunch of victorian-skinned drying racks? I would just like to see how they look together before committing to weaving. Please and thank you =)
  8. If you click "Item Collection" or "host game", you get to a black screen with music still going in the background, can't do anything and you have to kill it. It's the same for both myself and my gf using Linux, Debian Jessie 64bit (same as steamos uses).
  9. HALP! When I go into the item collection or host game, I get to a black screen (music still going) where I have to kill it. The same thing happens for my gf, we're both using Linux.