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  1. lured back by the smell of dst news and oh babey look at all the new art i missed! gj fam here's a thing for inktober i did just now
  2. the gateway didn't have a cracked, stoney center (though i rather liked it this way. o well)
  3. indeed it's Cyborca! i thought maybe it was too Don't Starve-y for the Hot Lava crowd but h*ck i'll post it anyway
  4. doin' a explore everything is don't starve
  5. found some metallic sharpies to play with and wellll... they're a bit shinier in person. ALSO now that I've settled in and figured out how the forum works, the OP has been updated with more content and less whining. At the start I only peeked in the forums to follow up on Victorian skin leaks, then suddenly Don't Starve and its fans have inspired me to get back into art and drawing on the reg. Thanks so much, guys! papa bless
  6. beautiful. what a king! how do i like/react to a post in advance?
  7. i guess Weiner will just have to settle for sweeping merms off their feet
  8. their acting is very expressive. Webber's body language is especially adorable. ... ... she's perfect.
  9. "be wary.." ".. triumphant pride precipitates a dizzying fall"
  10. ghost train Abby made my day! your traditionally colored art is so soothing to look at. i love it all
  11. very nice how the line of action (one of them anyway) from Woodie's left leg to his right shoulder seems to move with the direction of the backswing, and even extends into Lucy's shadow. it's like they chopped the whole composition in half (and i'm next D: ) my anatomy needs work even more so, but i think you did a good job at conveying momentum. since his whole body is being put into the swing it can be tricky giving the pose attention from head to toe. speaking of line and proportion i am convinced there's some renaissance witchcraft going on in here...