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  1. It also sometimes does not let you place it in valid spaces if you tried to place it in an invalid place first.
  2. Both of those are in-game... Rezecib used console commands to make the Slipstor play the animations
  3. No problem. The original gif was on the ground in-game and so forth. Slipstor was leaked anims that were compiled on a default grey background in Spriter. RIP Slipstor, anyhow.
  4. I was not contradicting you. that's why it was a reply to L and not yourself.
  5. more like how Through the Ages comes out 2 years later with different content & name.
  6. Notably: Penglet is completely seperate from the Winter collection/Winter critters, as are the Jingly Tophat & Yuletide Frock/Overcoat I've heard before it's sorted by collection > rarity > date added or something along those lines, but this doesn't seem to hold true. It should be sorted by collection, then rarity, then maybe type(so critters are together, for ex.) > date added This way the collections would be in order, something like: Forge Collection Winter Collection Costume Collection Lunar Collection Rose Collection Ancient Collection Survivor Collection Shadow Collection Assorted Collection - Event/Seasonal (rarity modifier thing) > Timeless > Loyal > Lustrous (rarity modifier thing) > Elegant & so forth Would make the Curio Cabinet work as intended & also look much nicer.
  7. Seems like it was added at the same time as the Rose collection and visibly has Roses on it, seems like it was meant to be Rose Collection - Even if not intended as one, I think it'd be better off as part of it, especially since we're still waiting on the firepit & torch.
  8. Sure it would, but skins overwrite hand symbols. Hand Symbols -> Skin Symbols -> Swapped Symbols So there is no way to do it. Swapped Symbols won't work, as it replaces both hands. Skin Symbols you can't do, iirc - If you find a way to do it, this is the solution Hand Symbols will just get overwritten as soon as they equip a skin
  9. I don't think it's possible at all. Even if you did what I edited into my post, as soon as you equip a hand skin it takes priority.
  10. This doesn't make sense. That allows them to make a character with shields for hands, but what good is that? And Wilson/Maxwell/Winona's hands don't match the normal white hands, nor do the SW characters - Klei would have to add the ability to swap left/right hand independently or this is probably impossible. EDIT: Unless what you meant is to make copies of existing character's assets, but swap out their respective hand symbols with the buckler. Then equipping the buckler could change their anim bank/build to these bucker-characters and the opposite when unequipped - However it sure is a lot more work and may not even come out right. (Decompiler usually screws up characters)
  11. If I buy a Snowfallen Character set, I'm forced to open it. - However, it has the functionality for being stored in the inventory, as people have glitched it with commands before (but they weren't openable due to being unverified or something) Why can't I buy these & keep them in the treasury/inventory? - This also applied to Forge, really sucked as I wanted to collect all 14 chest types (12 characters, 1 all characters, 1 pugna)
  12. Hi! Just curious if Smashup Together is still a thing, I stumbled across some things you may find useful. There's a flag to disable gift-drops showing up in the game-mode, which would be useful for Smashup since there's no way to open them. - You can find it in gamemodes.lua under Lava Arena. (Forge)

    As for HUD, there should be some things about Forge HUD around the place if nothing else, perhaps that'll help.

    1. pickleplayer


      Yep, it sure is! development has been going great lately, I just haven't been showing many updates lately because there isn't a whole lot of interesting "new" stuff to show off, since much of it has been on the server and performance end of things. 

      I actually remember seeing something about that somewhere, and that might be a good idea! I also might just plop down an invisible science machine in the spectator/character select area so that players can just open their gifts between matches

  13. No-no, Kris can do the good puns & you hold up the rear with some bad puns.