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  1. I am new to lua and modding, so I wouldn't know the code to make it work. But in your first case, it sounds like what you need is for the tab to be unlocked by default. So that it's not reliant on whether you have the crafting materials needed to make anything. While also keeping it linked to the time of day. So all I can really suggest is also looking at what makes the regular tabs unlocked by default. Then try to find a way to link that to the time of day. As for your second case, I suggest looking at the code for the Ancient Pseudoscience Station. Since crafted items from it are not remembered; in case you want to go that route. I have no idea if it would be possible to simply hide the tab though, probably is. I imagine the reason the recipe is disappearing is because the night time requirement is linked to it. But not linked to the tab disappearing. So either find a way to make the tab disappear too. Or keep the recipe from being remembered.
  2. If I understand correctly, the mandrake checks if it's daytime to decide if it should kill the mandrake or make it run around. Could probably use that as well to decide whether the tab becomes unlocked or not, depending on the time of day.
  3. Ideas for wigfrids rework?

    @FreyaMaluk Wigfrid's current hp regen is useless when she's not fighting something like spiders. A buff to it would not make her op, unless it was raised by an extreme amount.
  4. You don't suddenly become "less healthy" just because you get older. It should be representative of not just their age, but stature and abilities. And I would imagine someone with the powers contained in the Codex Umbra would be able to, at the very least, heal whatever ailments they have. Or at least nullify any negative effects from it.
  5. But then it sounds like you pigeonhole any old character created into having a specific range of health due to their age. And that doesn't sound fun nor ideal. A characters stats should be representative of the character as a whole. Maxwell's health being so low is bull. He was just king of the Constant not too long ago. By your same logic, characters like Wendy and Webber should have low health because they're young children.
  6. Ideas for wigfrids rework?

    The question is ideas for a Wigfrid rework. But it's pretty clear that to some Wigfrid would be better if she was just as strong as Wolfgang. Because to them, that is their issue with her as a character. That she's "weak." So he'll continue to be brought up, because they occupy the same niche. They're both fighters. She's already unique as is. She's the only character that gains sanity and health from fighting. She's the only character that can make her own fighting gear. Personally, I think she's fine as is. But if every character is going to get a change, then I'd hope for some of the suggestions made in this thread. With a battlecry, special weapons/moves, hp regen buff, and parry being high on my list of wants for Wigfrid. I think that depends on how long you intend to have your world survive. If you're only playing until a server resets due to everyone dying. Then yea, being insane is more of a negative. If you're trying to survive past 1 in-game year, then you'll continue to need nightmare. And playing a character who can go insane faster would be a positive. It would also depend on how many people are using the nightmare fuel. I'm not in favor of losing the damage reduction. Maybe instead of full on immunity, slowed movement. So that way she can still react, eventually. But she'll also still be in the same, if not slightly less, danger as any other player in the same situation. I think I missed the comment about the ability to parry. If it was added, I wonder if they'd link it to the right click button. The ability to parry would be nice though.
  7. I'd rather not see an old character nerfed in health, strength, etc simply because they're old. You don't suddenly become useless because you're old. Otherwise, I agree. The top 3 definitely need real downsides. Sleeping is usually a waste of silk when you have other plentiful means of regaining sanity. And Wolf's sanity lose is hardly a negative. @Cpt. KatKit I do hope Woodie is next. Hopefully his changes will be really amazing.
  8. I was a noob Wendy at the time with no real weapon. Used a torch to hit Deerclops while still in my meager base. Set entire base on fire.... R.I.P. Lesson learned.
  9. Why does it need to be something all characters can do?
  10. Ideas for wigfrids rework?

    Someone mentioned buffing Wigfrid's spear. My issue with that is barely used weapons will be used even less than they already are. Maybe instead, use Wigfrid's spear as a craft ingredient for a possible special weapon craftable. To the riding no eyed deer suggestion, maybe even have the other deer follow her while she's riding one? And I'd be up for just giving her the ability itself to hang multiple meat on a drying rack. Wig vs Wolf will continue to be discussed because that's part of the issue with refreshing a character that's already in a good spot. I agree about not wanting to nerf a character to make another stronger. But Wolf's negatives should be real negatives. His sanity drain is more of a positive for most players. Means I might actually escape player placed tentacles.... *o*
  11. Ideas for wigfrids rework?

    @Brago-sama I didn't take it as you implying she was bad. It's just, when people talk about her, they compare her to Wolfgang and act like she's the worst thing ever and never gets played. I see more Wig spam than Wolf, so clearly there's something people like about her besides hats for the team. Every character doesn't need to be the same power-wise. Which I think is the issue for some people. Because she's a fighter, they expect her to be as good as the other other fighter in the game. But Wolfgang is both closer to an actual fighter and physically stronger than her. So visually it makes sense for her to be weaker. As some others have mentioned, I think she's a great support fighter. Maybe give her some of the unique cosmetics people were suggesting, stuff that really plays on the viking idea. Add the battlecry ability, and she'll be good to go. I wouldn't mind her having a bit more health as well. As a fighter, even though she's pretending, I never really understood why her health was so low in comparison. I don't expect it to be the same as Wolf's, that'd be weird, Poor Woody, I really hope they make some serious changes for that guy. Maybe even give him a higher chance to spawn Tree guards. He is truly a character that has been overshadowed. @Auth but that's the problem, you're trying to make her into a fighter who is too similar to Wolfgang. If that's the case, why bother even having both of them if you're just basically making her into a female Wolfgang? Just because Wolfgang is the best, doesn't mean there's anything wrong with Wigfrid. Nor does it mean she needs drastic changes. You should be playing a character because you enjoy it, not solely because they have the best stats. I don't care about players worried about "maxxing damage potential." Because those players are often playing in a rigid manner. That sort of gameplay isn't enjoyable to me, nor do I think it should be the focus for refreshes and balance changes. Wigfrid mains don't have a problem with her being "better." The problem is that people assume because she's not as strong as Wolf, she's automatically bad. And therefore should be changed. Your suggestion only goes into more detail on the battlecry and basically says any new crafts for her is a bad idea. For someone who mains her, I don't see how you're so often tempted to play as someone else. If you truly like playing as her, then that's all that should really matter. Since it sounds like you are skilled enough to do well regardless. I'm not against the idea of more crafts for her. But I think if more are added, aspects of them would need to be unique to her. Otherwise, we'd just have more people who are basically Wigfrid, without actually having to play as Wigfrid. Maybe even give her the ability to craft enhanced winter gear to play on her viking aspects more. @MilesUpshore why do people post comments like this? This thread is on topic. You can't just post about Wigfrid and ignore why she might/would need the refresh in the first place. And for this character, it's because there's another fighter in the game that is better then her statwise.
  12. Don't starve wikia virus?

    I was on Gamepedia for a short time before I had heard the news about Gamepedia. I was honestly in disbelief. The ads were also my biggest concerns. It truly felt sort of like I never got away from wikia. As it stands, it doesn't seem like the ad style has reached Gamepedia yet. And I prefer to look up info on their. My mouse isn't in the best condition, and the ads aren't overly irritating on Gamepedia.
  13. I picked none because DST is supposed to sort of be it's own thing. I don't have a problem with a character or two coming to DST. But I don't want all of them brought over. Nor do I want all of DS' dlcs to be brought over. Just seems unimaginative and boring. I'd rather have more expansion on the DS/DST universe that involves new characters. Maybe something in relation to the Merm? Or just in general, what other civilizations or creatures exist there.
  14. Don't starve wikia virus?

    @Sinister_Fang That's why I stopped being an editor on other wikia wikis. Their ads ruin any sort of design you have going on. And take up far too much of the page. Will that matter? I thought Gamepedia was bought by Wikia/Fandom recently?
  15. I just wanna say, I'm glad the swamp was brought closer to base. Because that's kind of my favorite place to die in this game. Not that I do it intentionally, but if I'm going to die somewhere. I'd hope it would be in the swamp. Love the tension being there brings.