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  1. 4 brand new playable characters and 6 character refreshes isn't right. There were 2 new characters, 3 character refreshes, and 2 ported characters (which were effectively refreshes). Also, you are right that they probably have lots of stuff planned. The problem I have with this roadmap is that it is basically just "we are going to keep doing the same thing we did last year." The issue with not reaching their estimated delivery date is that they didn't reach their estimated delivery date. Announcing their plans for the next update would not change that. If you estimate a delivery date and miss it, naturally, people are going to be upset. I could nitpick a lot of other things in that list you mentioned, but I don't think it's really going to add much to the conversation. While it's true that a lot of content was added this year (certainly more than the year before), you are playing a lot of it off as being more extravagant than it actually is in-game.
  2. More new content is almost always a good thing, and I welcome there being more to play around with. But yes, I do agree that nothing really stands out as being worth a lot of hype. The roadmap this year is basically identical to last year's one. There isn't even that much to work with from the post; I think most of us could've guessed there would be more refreshes and maybe more new (slash ported) characters. I was looking forward to know more specifics: what character's rework came next, or maybe some more details about the next additional character. Oh well. Looking forward to it anyways.
  3. Don't you dare think about forgetting the final obstacle. Fidooop awakens chained to a garage door in an old house he doesn't recognize. Only moments later, he hears an engine starting in front of him, and looks up to see none other than his grandma sitting in a motor vehicle, pointed directly at him. A wave goodbye later, and she begins backing up the car. Only moments remain before he meets his demise. Will our host make a daring escape or will he fail to save his show, and by extension, his own life?