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  1. Loaded the normal game (Not the BETA) and it crash right after pressing new games. With BETA you already can start a new world for one cycle. But with current build it's not possble to start anything. I crash just after a second a new map is started.
  2. All games crash immedate after a cycle ends and the new day starts. Happen with old and new games
  3. As soon as the night is over and the game begin to save and starting the new day, it crash inside a black hole. No matter if using old savegames or creating a new map. After one cycle the game ends. No matter what is done or loaded.
  4. Placing this 4th door will make a game crash after resume.
  5. Still invisible. Just nothing a few minutes finally was able to play the update.
  6. I can confirm this inside my steam power generator. I got at left and right 4 door closing and opening. The doors at the right site working well, but the last door the 4th from the left site making a system crash. I think it has nothing to do with automation, but crashes as soon I try to open the door and also destroy the door with debug tool cause a system crash. With 3 doors it works well but the 4th could really be a problem and took me some builds to fix out why it crashes after 5 second of play time.
  7. Game crash inside a black hole after 5 seconds play time after loading save file.
  8. 5 Seconds after loading my save file from my base the game crash inside a black hole. I hate those patches destroy everything build up in many many hours and often having no chance getting the old save files back when the patch goes live.
  9. I have 9 Dups inside my savegame and the editor shows me 12 Dups. Some name of them are double but with different jobs they learned. Some of my having a few different jobs because some are never ever needed later like an artist so I switched them to something else. All charakters who have learrned 2 oder more jobs got for each an own profile inside the save game editor. For changing hair and body it would be nice to see how it looks like at the dups without testing inside the game how he is looking.
  10. Still impossible to load my old savegame inside this one. The Game still disappear and closeing itself after loading.
  11. Since this Update my Savegame is loading and then the complete Game disappears.. Can't load ir anymore and also without BETA updates it is impossible to load due a higher Build number needed inside my save. Last I knew the game crashed while I try to remove the animals feed station. May save games was over 800 cycle old. Warehouse 13 - Testing Area.sav
  12. After Update I noticed all my 2K Wires inside my bases begin to overload and destroyed if they are not connected to a power transformer. Mealwood say it needs dirt for perfect grow rate, but without there are no growing at all. The pressure plates doing crazy things and I can't write a value inside it. Some having 399 Kilo for a door others showing me 199 kilo for the same. Nearly every pressure plates must be new adjusted to work again. Hard enough if I can't write a value inside the field. Need more time to check other things out. First need my farms working again and fixing all this others trouble coming with new update.