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  1. Offers are allowed but beefalo carryall is what i most want Trading link:
  2. get webber out of that sentence and maybe replace him with maxwell and its fine
  3. Let's talk about this Spider Hat

    Jesus christ you bumped the thread for literally like 2 weeks until people finally responded
  4. Preferrably skins that are not for one of the following: -Winona -Wes -Wolfgang -Woodie Inventory link: EDIT: Trade is done, idk how to close the thread I was searching for it sorry.
  5. [H] wx78 Triumphant [W] offers

    I can give Wes Triumphant
  6. I think a good change to Willow would be to actually make her STRONG in Winter. Currently if anything she is in a disadvantage in Winter since she will freeze when insane. Make her lighter give a bit of warmth or anything like that and remove the dumb freezing when insane thing. She could also maybe have perks in Summer like overheating less quickly but yeah.