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  1. This is a question directly for the developers for Invis Inc: How hard was it to develop the game in the Moai engine? I want to ask this here because, after doing a cursory search, I didn't find much, and even after a more detailed one found...Basically not what I was looking for. I know a few people draw inspiration for their development projects from Invis Inc, but at the same time, most of what I hear is 'Well, it's done in a mobile engine, so it's probable clunky/fiddly/limited/ect.' Except, I don't see that when playing, save some uncommon bugs; When I play on PC and Tablet, it plays pretty darn well all things considered, better than some PC specific games. But at the same time, I know each engine and langue is different, and has it's strengths and flaws...So I want to ask you guys, who have experience with it in a genre I'm going to be working on in my next project, how hard was it to get the game to where it is now with the Moai Engine? Is there anything to look out for that will be a problem or something to build on? Would it be an engine you recommend for similar games to Invisible Inc.? Or....Would you take to a different engine if you guys had to do it over? Thanks for taking the time, Giga.