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  1. I was fiddling around with key-mappings, and when I mapped an action to Alt+S, it entered Screenshot mode. And of course, now the Screenshot mode binding has been removed and I can't get out of it. It's okay, I fixed up the keybindings.json file, but in general, I think already-bound keys should not do their assigned actions in this dialog. Additionally, if I click on more than one key binding without entering new key combinations, all the selected fields will display '???'. Fortunately, only the most recently clicked binding will take what I press and the others reset.
  2. Save file attached. I've also attached a screenshot at the moment of saving, because I expect when you load it, everybody will rush in to the mess hall. If you let it run for awhile, people will start to starve. Rat's Nest Cycle 34 - Fridge bug.sav I've managed to somewhat circumvent the issue by allowing everyone full access to the farms, but only given my dedicated farmers the ability to Harvest. By allowing them to Deliver as well, sometimes they want to deliver things outside their area, so I had to make another door above the mess hall that kept them inside. It's not ideal, but it's manageable.
  3. Using the Tubular Preview on Windows 10 I started experimenting with a system whereby my farm has a single dedicated farmer. The Pneumatic Doors beneath the insulated border all have access control to only allow one dupe inside to do the harvesting, and he will also take the food to the fridge. Works a treat. But nobody seems to want to take food from the fridge. I had another full fridge next to my bio-printer with the same issue, so I emptied it and everybody came rushing. That's when I decided to build my mess hall. Everybody has all their consumables checked, there are no access restrictions or any other reasons why the fridges are inaccessible, I can only guess that because only one dupe can put food in the fridge, only he can take food out. The problem went away, though, when I closed and reopened the game. Everybody came rushing immediately to the mess hall. It was an exciting time. Another related issue: In the Jobs dialog, there's a column for Harvesting, with associated skill Farming. Everybody's Farming skill is at 0 and never changes regardless of how much harvesting they do. I don't want my dedicated farmer to always be this as slow as he is...