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  1. Playtime record

    Huh, didn't realize I had screenshots on steam.
  2. Playtime record

    I broke 3,000 hours today, granted I have AFKed plenty, but I will say most of that time is in survival, just waiting for materials to come in and dupes to get through work orders. On a side note, anyone else notice the background image on steam seems to be a random screenshot of one of your bases?
  3. I had tungsten rails and wires melting in a creative save of mine, but I assumed it was a bug of some sort, as it was only a couple specific tiles that would melt, even though they wern't in the hottest places. Also I didn't bother to record anything about that save, though I still have it if it's worth digging up.
  4. @goatt Weird, I used to run a setup very similar to that, but post nerf I couldn't get the timing to work right without power, and even powered it destroyed a significant amount of gas, and was woefully under performing regardless. Perhaps I gave up a bit too soon, or the differences between mine and that one are important.
  5. Does the door pump still work reasonably? I thought it destroyed large amounts of gas. Regardless, The main issue with door pumps from my experience is the same issue as gas pumps, but even worse, The steam turbine moves so much steam that the gas can't disperse fast enough to keep up, no matter how quickly you try to move it once it reaches the edges of the turbine's tiles. This is worse for door pumps than gas pumps because door pumps require more space than gas pumps, and even with 12+ pumps I couldn't keep up with a single steam turbine.
  6. @goatt I make the whole room a vacuum with a gas pump and the liquid airlock in the bottom left corner, then build the little wire bridge chamber, then after everything is built, I fill the turbine room. It's a bit labor and time intensive, but it's a maintenance free system if you set it up right. @nakomaru Thank you for pointing that out, but that's not why I have that aquatuner in there. The tuner is there because turbines are a good place to concentrate heat to be dealt with, not because aquatuners are an efficient source of heat for the turbine. Regardless, you are right, and I'm technically a bit off topic. Also, just for completeness, the radiant pipe radiator to the right is how I cool off the petroleum I use for my metal refinery just off screen, which I find to be an excellent solution for survival.
  7. I find steam turbines are only really good for one thing, and that's deleting heat without exploit or pumping mass into space. There is actually no way to use pumps to move enough steam fast enough to prevent under pressuring some of the time. That said I find this to be the best setup to use steam turbines, cooling both an aquatuner and my refinery coolant, the trick here being the two layers of hydrogen on top to push the steam down, avoiding "underpressure". The simple way to measure out everything in survival is 2 reservoirs of hydrogen, and 1 ton to 1.1 tons of water, using automation to take direct control. You can consider this an exploit too, but nothing here isn't an intended mechanic, aside from maybe the position of where the turbine detects pressure, and probably the tiles choking off some fans, but so much about turbines needs tweaking, I find no issue working with what we have now, and I will be happy if/when it is improved.
  8. IT WORKS! I did install a map mod for extra large maps some time around automation I think, but it never worked, so I forgot about it. Thank you so much! Only took me 2 months to get back to you >_<
  9. output_log.txt DxDiag.txt Oddly enough, my PC throws up "Windows can't find '...Klei/Oxygen Not Included\Crashes'. Check the spelling and try again." So no DMP file :< Did I need to fill in something at the "\..\" part of the address? If so, why didn't I need to for the output log?
  10. Ok, I did not see this post until now, my bad, and yes it's still happening, even now on QoL MK1. I did submit a full support ticket with my specs, and have submitted crash reports numerous times. What is a .dmp file, and where do I find it? My PC specs are: CPU: intel i7-7700k RAM: 16GB OS: W10, 64 bit GPU: Geeforce GTX 1080 founder's edition Game is installed through steam, on a SSD, and I do have a HDD should that matter. I have over 2k hours in this game since oil update, and I am very intent on getting this fixed. Fortunately, a kind soul did send me a save file so I could continue playing. Just let me know what I can do or what other info I can provide, I will be making a point to check this post every day for the next few weeks.
  11. Whenever I try to start a new game, as soon as I select a difficulty, the game instantly crashes. I am, as of now, unable to play ONI in any capacity, as I tried deleting my previous saves in an admittedly foolish attempt to solve this issue. I am willing to cooperate in just about any way to help solve this issue ASAP.
  12. Crash still not fixed

    I have the exact same bug in my current save. I'm mostly certain it has to do with the command capsule somehow duplicating/not launching properly with the rest of the rocket, and when the rocket returns and tries to occupy the same space as the ghost version, the game instantly crashes. It seems nearly guaranteed to happen if you save with a mission in progress, but I also am experiencing crashes anytime I try to start a new world, so my testing ability is extremely limited. Radical Dump.sav
  13. I have the same issue, I can no longer start new games. As soon as I select difficulty, the game immediately crashes.
  14. This exact problem is a bane of my base. At random times my base will have food shortages because my slime doesn't reach my mushrooms, simply because one auto sweeper arm bugs out and stops working. The only fix I know of is either to reload the save, or to interrupt power to the arm.
  15. I have this happen to me all the time, which is really annoying since I try and make the geyser room as small as possible for harvest efficiency. I might start putting gas pumps in cool geyser rooms to abuse this, might as well turn a detriment into a positive.