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  1. Right now you build a rocket from the bottom up, engine first. I want to start building with the command pod. So top down. I also want to rebuild the tiles, lamps, and windows from the gravitas building. I would use the lockers as storage, and dupes could eat at the giant tables. Maybe sleep on the couches too.
  2. Slime leaks water!

    That Jean has the look of both terror and apathy.
  3. [Game Update] - 323841

    Will the exosuits have gas and liquid pipe exits? That would be eaiser to control.
  4. [Game Update] - 322934

    I like the calming of the outer space sounds. I didn't dislike the sound though.
  5. None of the Above is very popular... And Lindsay Joshua and Ellie are my favorites.
  6. The three new biomes sound really exciting. There could bemany new plants, animals, elements, and stuff. I'm So Excited!
  7. Yes! I want more fish. I would keep an aquarium. I want the Saphire fish most. To play with a different cooling source.
  8. My duplicants never do this. Doesn't matter if I set priorities or not. i think you have a bug and should submit a bug report.
  9. I want to deconstruct them too. And I want to build the giant chandelier in my great hall.
  10. [Game Update] - 309354

    I love this. The packets of gas in pipes were making my skin crawl before. The new layering is beautiful!
  11. Wonderful update. i really like the paintings and the baby shovel. Didn't see it yet.
  12. This Qol update feels like the decor update i secretly wanted.
  13. Yay for no telescope sunburn! Can't wait to see the baby Shove Vole.