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  1. I love the animation, and Sweepy. But I really like that I can close vents with a switch.
  2. Wonderful! The Sauna looks really comfy, and I can't wait to see my dupes new faces.
  3. Will the exosuits have gas and liquid pipe exits? That would be eaiser to control.
  4. I like the calming of the outer space sounds. I didn't dislike the sound though.
  5. I love this. The packets of gas in pipes were making my skin crawl before. The new layering is beautiful!
  6. Wonderful update. i really like the paintings and the baby shovel. Didn't see it yet.
  7. Yay for no telescope sunburn! Can't wait to see the baby Shove Vole.
  8. This sounds wonderful! Do I need to start a new world to find the shov vole?
  9. The ports are in the wrong spots. I love the new tank image
  10. It happens when a binge eater binges.