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  1. Webber, to me, feels like a side/unfinished character. For example. Look at a comparison between Wigfrid and Webber: ——————————————— Wigfrid: Has a Battle Helmet and Spear. Gains Sanity and Health from fighting. Has very high health. Has low sanity and hunger. Only eats meat. Can craft that Battle Gear and give it to other players. Naturally deals 1.25x Damage. Naturally takes 0.75x Damage. ———————————————— Webber: Has low Sanity. Can befriend Spiders. Can craft Spider Eggs. Attacked by Pigs and Rabbits. Can eat monster meat. Safe from Spiders. Starts with Monster Meat and Spider Eggs. Grows a Silk Beard. ———————————————— Webber has several perks but they are not very major. I’m thinking maybe he could have permanent spider followers, or something. I’m not entirely sure, he just feels unfinished to me. I really hope Klei adds more onto him.