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  1. Same problem, it would be cool to fix it to see how goes a playthrough with optimized trait usage.
  2. Are we sure it's not an intended design ? Still had same problem.
  3. Power tuning job nearly impossible to complete. The job is interrupted and reset for too many reason. I don't know the intended design and balance in this job mechanics. Luxury Settlement.sav
  4. Ho i was thinking this sneaky white gaz was intended...
  5. I have the same problem, tuning job interrupted and reset for mysterious reason. This making tuning nearly impossible...this is a kind of blocking issue. Luxury Settlement.sav
  6. I agree the scaling on 4k resolution is absolutely not great but this is not a blocking issue.
  7. I had both upgraded "Seeds of Doubt" card having loss the incept effect. I upgraded both to have the draw bonus effect "Visionary Doubt". At the end i only had the draw effect on both of them. I can't tell precisely when the bug occurred i think it's when the card is upgraded to this effect (draw). I had used "Boosted Doubt" working normaly. During this playthrough i also use the "consumable" card to increase xp gain on card.
  8. I don't have crash occuring directly at loading but since last update, game crash often back to windows without report triggered. So for today it's discouraging to make a playthrough and explore asteroid surface... Many bug like those having very high heat spot spawning from pipes and stuff, those may be the cause of the crash.
  9. Same here, attack order are not working, same process.
  10. For the fun i was able to make a changing state cooler, it's amazing, but i seem that mass are not kept is this condition. The best it to try. There is chlorine stocked with chlorine geyser that will be bring in the situation. I put lot of chlorine to the anti-entropy thermo thing but the room where it get is empty as time go on. The Prosperous Comet.sav