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  1. Breach the magma biome right there and this resevoir will melt, why? All other volcanoes, fumeroles and vents are made of neutronium Data Spacestation.sav
  2. simDLL_Crash_release_currentversion_YearMonthDay-time
  3. check for a file here after crashes if you have one that matches, bug report upload the file please and thank you.
  4. side effect of the nature of save/load, based on my own experimentation/observation unless its something new your seeing.....
  5. not sure if changing ui or bug, so reporting as bug
  6. Certainly.... correct they are just paused there staring into space, also correct no progress from the device they are supposed to be using. Its almost as if the dupe froze half way to starting the job
  7. another reminder that not all cultures celebrate the same holidays XD Thank you DevCrew for all the wonderful work you do
  8. Data Spacestation Cycle 194.sav SimDLL_CRASH_release_291640_20181113-21.57.57.dmp
  9. I feel like this update my dupes are working a lot smarter......
  10. we tried this before, anything higher than 3 tiles results in a maximum of 2 tiles worth of material in the final dig out because of 50% dig returns
  11. can they make it poop a dirt tile with iron embedded as a buried item? Have most of the mass be the dirt, then it would seem like the critter was processing the regolith
  12. since shove voles produce 50% of consumed mass, and produce tiles that require digging, that deletes another 50% mass they should at least reproduce since they are deleting 75% of the mass of consumed material....... otherwise they are just material deleters with no other benefit