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  1. Fire immunity can actually be used for quite a few things, in fact we even already have it in the game in the form of scalemail. (And no, scaled armour doesn't negate the fact that willow automatically can't have fire immunity, that's like removing Wigfrid's health perk because of the existence of the bat-bat, or removing Wortox's soul hop ability because the lazy explorer exists.) This fire immunity could be used for a range of things, such as the likes of: - Making the dragonfly fight easier, same with Klaus, get some scales for your team, etc. - Helping Willow gain heat and sanity without having to worry about existing near a burning object for too long, use lava pools to regenerate sanity. - Negate fire damage from such as the likes of Fire Hounds, Lavae, etc. - Switch between your lighter/weapon to run down any flammable larger-pool health mobs in DST, give them hell. (Ones that won't instantly die, of course.) Of course, like Nikki mentioned in his second rant, this perk alone wouldn't work, and willow's other perks do help with that. And likewise, having fire immunity back can just be fun, people can come up with unique ways to utilise it, and if this combines with some of the other minor perks Joe mentioned, then even more can be achieved, and like it has been said before, fire immunity does not equal griefing, anyone is capable of picking up two twigs and two grass and setting your alchemy engine ablaze.
  2. currently the majority of the don't starve together community oh thanks!
  3. Some personal opinions on what may have been done better: - Give some perks based around the fire starter theme, I don't mind Bernie buffs, but if that's entirely what makes up her character, then that's going to have some problems. A few others than me posted before good rework ideas and i'd recommend reading back on them. - Give her a bigger downside, possibly, freezing only really takes place in specific situations, like winter or during heavy rainfall, and can be quite easily preventable. - Add some more abilities that'd be useful past early-mid game, as her downsides would only really benefit her early-game, and it'd make people just want to switch characters after a short enough amount of time. I know I didn't really have anything specific in this post, and i'm sorry for that, as i'm not entirely too creative in coming up with ideas for this character. But there are a few good ideas which other users have come up with.
  4. I'm gonna be honest, although i'm not hugely in favour of this rework, I do applaud Klei for trying, think about it, it'd be quite hard to come up with a major upside for a character that has the title "The Firestarter" that won't send pubs into an outrage. (Even though it's easy enough to acquire a torch, like seriously, it's dumb how Willow is seen as the face of anarchy for no reason other than a lighter.) Even so, this could have been handled better, not gonna lie.
  5. Yeah... that's pretty overpowered to be completely honest, especially with the fact that you can stack even more now.
  6. That's pretty much the point, it was a sacrifice you'd have to make while playing as Wheeler.
  7. I'm gonna be honest, I liked wheeler's 10 inventory downside, made you have to be more resourceful, and I really do not like the fact that now she has virtually no downsides, and I do hope that that gets fixed in the future.
  8. so the new dlc character looks good