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  1. i have no idea if anyone's gonna even read this but i got my acc back!! yay..

    updated my pfp to something i actually made, and uh, yeah. that's it.

    1. bruhmoment23


      welcome back chief

    2. CookieTheRookie


      didnt see this damn thanks,,

  2. So, I don't know if this was submitted yet or not but i've had all the animated sprites and whatnot ingame just freeze e.g. Wurt in the main menu or a character like Wilson in the curio cabinet, and whenever you go into the trade inn with this bug you get softlocked. This may be after disabling mods or something like that. This normally happens after disabling all mods, so it may be something acting up with that.
  3. currently the majority of the don't starve together community oh thanks!
  4. Yeah... that's pretty overpowered to be completely honest, especially with the fact that you can stack even more now.
  5. That's pretty much the point, it was a sacrifice you'd have to make while playing as Wheeler.
  6. I'm gonna be honest, I liked wheeler's 10 inventory downside, made you have to be more resourceful, and I really do not like the fact that now she has virtually no downsides, and I do hope that that gets fixed in the future.