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  1. Would you mind posting the full image? I'd like to have the legend to this.
  2. Thank you for letting me know it gets that bad. I haven't gotten that industrialized yet.
  3. Oxygen on forest biome starts?

    make a world with Slime Molds. get Distillation Tech, distill the slime into algae, and make oxygen diffusers/algae terraniums. use planter boxes to place oxyferns in locations where Co2 will pool (ex. at the bottom of ladders/your base) put the diffusers where dupes spend a lot of time. I didn't have a problem with O2 Production, but I had 3 dupes for a very long time.
  4. Increase difficulty

    I'm not as wise as the others in this thread, but slimelung can have enough of a negative effect if your dupes spend a large amount of time in low oxygen environment, and zombie spores sounds particularly nasty imo.
  5. But why would you vent to space, unless you have excess? I typically go to caps after mealwood, it's a nice stepping stone. Polluted water can be transformed into fertilizer and natural gas with a fertilizer synthesizer as well
  6. As the title says, what are your favorite ways to recycle/rid yourself of Carbon Dioxide? I've been thinking about putting mesh/airflow tiles in my room's floors, so that all the Co2 will pool at the bottom, around an Electrolyzer. The Hydrogen will rise to the top, to be caught by a Gas Pump, filter out the oxygen, and pump the hydrogen into a hydrogen generator. Alternatively, (or in conjunction with the hypothetical above), pumping all the Co2 into a Dusk Cap farm, and when it reaches max capacity, using the above strategy. Another good utilization is Slickster Farming. I haven't tried this one myself, so I haven't much to say about it, but it sounds profitable! I'd like to hear your ideas, though. What works for you?
  7. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Please Discuss
  8. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Y'all both wrong the best ship is Wendy x Webber
  9. Screenshot showcase

    "What have you done, Ronald!? They were but Signs!" -Jontron Entirety of the SW Map Don't Starve more like "Don't die of Obesity" I have Amassed a Following Anybody remember when you would go to PK during Hallowed Nights? Yeah, we try to forget This My 1st Gorge Win Edit: Holy Heck my Post got to Popular Status this is a New Alltime High