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  1. Have a little stupid question. Are the geysers changes retroactively for older saves or are the changes only for new maps?
  2. My ONI crashes pretty fast, directly to the desktop. Unfortunately I can not see why. There are a lot of messages in the bug tracker
  3. Crash on build 348553

    With the new patch I have now also timely, but unfortunately not very reproducible crashes to dekstop. No blackhole crashscreen attached my current score Irgendeine Schmiede eines Gottes.sav
  4. I mean the game Anno 1800 (, one of the biggest Sims franchise. But it's more known in Europe, ask me why the rest of the world does not know the Anno series that way.
  5. It was a big risk to implement so many changes in such a short time. How to release a product for a failed release has recently shown me Stellaris. 3 months were needed to get it "ready to go". I'm always happy when the developers take their time and publish their product ready. ANNO 1800 has shown that customers prefer to wait rather than accept bugs. Maybe they will change their decision and publish only a biome every few weeks. That would make testing easier. But with 983 hours of play, it has already earned its money for me anyway. Thank you for the nice game (and my confused crush for Gossmann )
  6. It would be really interesting if we are allowed to test the full version as a beta tester before publishing.
  7. From time to time, stations (such as farmtile, kiln) require deliveries of mg. No dupe wants to deliver this mg. In the attached savefile, it is currently a farmtile. New construction fixes the problem Schrotthalde 17.sav
  8. [Game Update] - 289327

    In my start biome, everyone freezes after the patch. Is that wanted or a bug?
  9. Schedule management not yet available I hope the feature does not come in the next update
  10. As soon as I build a ranch, the game crashes. It does not happen immediately but within a cycle there is a CTD. Unfortunately, I could not figure out exactly what the cause is, but it happened at all games with the ranch update. It does not matter if I build it early or late. Once a ranch is in place, I can not make a complete cycle without crashing. Bergbau Asteroid VII.sav Gewächshaus 17.sav Maschinenwelt.sav
  11. More people have a job, the less I can scroll down. Have the feeling that the job tab has a size limit.
  12. Farm Tile is heating up spontaneously!

    My save file Sternenschiff Eden.sav
  13. I can not change the profession of the cooks. I can not scroll down to them. Sternenschiff Eden.sav
  14. After destruct a door sometimes they turn into their raw mineral. ir raw mineral.
  15. Farm Tile is heating up spontaneously!

    Unfortunately I have the problem too, but always a different device. Currently it is my Carbon Skimmer The environment is warm but nothing is hotter than 85 ° C