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  1. I'm catching up on the HBO series Chernobyl. How can Dupe Marie look after the animals there in peace?
  2. The client crashes after changing the destination of the rocket. Rebuild doesn't fix the problem. Altes Warpportal.sav
  3. Hier wäre der Link (geklaut aus dem Steam Forum)
  4. Have the same problem, but for me it crashes on the first day in a fresh colony. Unfortunately it is not possible to see why.
  5. Have a little stupid question. Are the geysers changes retroactively for older saves or are the changes only for new maps?
  6. With the new patch I have now also timely, but unfortunately not very reproducible crashes to dekstop. No blackhole crashscreen attached my current score Irgendeine Schmiede eines Gottes.sav
  7. From time to time, stations (such as farmtile, kiln) require deliveries of mg. No dupe wants to deliver this mg. In the attached savefile, it is currently a farmtile. New construction fixes the problem Schrotthalde 17.sav
  8. In my start biome, everyone freezes after the patch. Is that wanted or a bug?
  9. Schedule management not yet available I hope the feature does not come in the next update
  10. As soon as I build a ranch, the game crashes. It does not happen immediately but within a cycle there is a CTD. Unfortunately, I could not figure out exactly what the cause is, but it happened at all games with the ranch update. It does not matter if I build it early or late. Once a ranch is in place, I can not make a complete cycle without crashing. Bergbau Asteroid VII.sav Gewächshaus 17.sav Maschinenwelt.sav
  11. More people have a job, the less I can scroll down. Have the feeling that the job tab has a size limit.
  12. I can not change the profession of the cooks. I can not scroll down to them. Sternenschiff Eden.sav
  13. After destruct a door sometimes they turn into their raw mineral. ir raw mineral.