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  1. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    I broke the even number 100 Muahaahahhahahah
  2. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Jingle Ballin Get it, Ballin - Eyeballs, no just me
  3. If any mod sees this or someone who knows about this tell me! Is there going to be a Loyal emote, skin for if we play on Christmas/Holiday? I would like to know because if there is I would need to play tomorrow and if not then i won't play tomorrow.
  4. Loyal Portrait

    What do you mean? Can you find it when you just look in the portrait frames?
  5. Loyal Portrait

    What is this loyal thing that people that played forge in beta get?
  6. Wes the triumphant

    I'll trade if you want to my inventory,
  7. Is Don't Starve Hamlet being just like shipwrecked with a bunch of new crafting recipes and new mobs and objectives? In the trailer it doesn't show much 'bout whats going, it just shows i think a new plant mob chasing an idol doll (maybe shows the location of the hamlet village?) If you know anything about Hamlet please respond, i cant wait for Q1!
  8. As in OXI there was an alpha gift for skins in DST i'm wondering if there is going to be one for Griftlands as well.
  9. I will also be able to negotiate if anyone wants to do that?
  10. I usually trade for stuff i on the forums

  11. Wow this is pretty cool And what do you mean the twinkletoes one is broken?
  12. Trading Don't Starve Together (gift) for regular dont starve (shipwrecked) i have an extra gift i will trade on Steam add me on Zachdebest