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  1. I really hope you're kidding. Now im scared to play the beta!
  2. Ohhh, lmao i thought he was just joining the constant, not being counted as a refresh. Thanks for the info though.
  3. Ok, i'd love to see the next refresh be either Wendy or Webber, And I have a few suggestions for both of them. Lets start off with Webber. Webber can go inside a spider nest and it works just like a tent would. "It looks cozy in there!" Webber can (if he wants) scare enemies away for a couple seconds, (but not losing aggro). "GRR" Webber automatically gets a train of spiders by walking around them. "Yay, friends!" And one last that would make me personally happy. Webber gains a sanity boost while being next to Wendy I ship them, dont judge... Ok, now its Wendy's turn. Wendy can never naturally encounter a :"regular" terrorbeak, and takes more of a sanity loss to encounter a regular nightmare monster. This goes with her being okay with the dark and being insane. Wendy can now summon ghouls/ghosts from graves, who follow her for 5 days, and then disappear into the ground. "Welcome, back..." And ofc Wendy also gets this one. Wendy gains a sanity boost while being next to Webber. *giggles* And thats it, thanks everyone!
  4. Trading

    Hey, can i give you roseate webber for guest of honor webber?
  5. I broke the even number 100 Muahaahahhahahah
  6. Jingle Ballin Get it, Ballin - Eyeballs, no just me
  7. I usually trade for stuff i on the forums