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  1. give me wigfrid winter's feast klei pls
  2. Achievements are meaningless in the game the reason to give a "reward" for "doing something", creates a behavior for that person who believes it is the only way to do it. the game is fun to play because you enjoy the experience to survive, experiment, craft things, and mold a hostile world.
  3. I would like to see some HUD skins too I found some client side mods in steam workshop for HUD to look like The Forge battle theme or The Gorge victorian theme But i would really like skins like shadow HUD, Lunar HUD, Steampunk HUD, Forest HUD etc... Images from Steam Workshop, all credits to respective owners
  4. feed wilson, dont get favor = gg
  5. Why wigfrid dont get his Snowfallen skin !!?? Why Klei, why you make me sufer like this !! Nice event and have a nice holidays to all !!