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  1. bug spray doesn't work?
  2. Just managed to survive long enough to try out nettle growing with a sprinkler. I find the whole thing tedious. The sprinkler has low fuel capacity and constantly needs attention. Your nettles also lose all growth progress when you run back and find the sprinkler out of action due to lack of fuel. Without the sprinkler it's even worse. You have to rely on rain conditions for the nettles to grow, which in my opinion, is a hopeless case and the only nettles I managed to grab was out in the wild. That was quite a mystery since there was no rain or pond in that area. All in all, my choices are 1- babysitting nettles in the humid season, 2- tanking the sanity loss with a gas mask in lush season, or 3- just waiting it out in town during lush season. This is not very fun at all and I hope devs changes this. Then again maybe this is all part of the plan. I've noticed rogue games attract masochistic players and I've seen several youtubers walk around insane nonchalantly after all.