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  1. Looking for DST coop players w/ mic on ps4

    LeeFuelWeaver i think you and Silent echoes would probably play well together as he also plays wilderness with 1000+ day mega base. I've added everyone from this thread already and have played with everyone except the thread creator SuburbanMandM. Been fun playing with different people at different skill levels. Still been meaning to find a group to atempt to kill toadstool or ancient fuel weaver. Feel free to add me anyone who's interested. PSN tag shoe-bin
  2. Looking for DST coop players w/ mic on ps4

    Me and my wife play DST on PS4 with mics. We are intermediate level players that have just been playing by ourselves mostly but recently have started playing with others. We are in mountain time zone and are online anywhere between 5pm-midnight on weekdays and about any time on weekends. Would like to play with friendly people regardless of skill level. If you would like to play with us sometime please add or send message to: PSN tag: shoe-bin