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  1. Willow

    Giving her some natural resistance to overheating and making her get insanity from rain sound good for me. SHE REALLY HATES RAIN. Immunity to fire she can do without in my opinion. She must keep a degree of sanity regen near fire though. The whole freezing when insane is just nonsense. It has to go. Honestly the lighter should probably be replaced by her having mastery over all things fire related. For example lighting the firepit/endo firepit more efficiently (more for less) or maybe making special torches that have a higher light radius and durability? That way she could give improved torches to her friends. She could also start with the one of those improved torches in her inventory so she can remain newb friendly. Perhaps also making better campfires/endothermic fires on the go (bigger temp radious and/or duration.) Basically if there's a willow on a server you should want her making the fire related things, it's her expertise. She could also be a niche character for winter/summer starts with the aforementioned traits.
  2. I'm also looking for people to play with, mind if I add you?
  3. Wanna not starve together?

    I've sent you a request!
  4. I know plenty about the game, can survive easily. In fact I've probably done everything except a few bosses. I'm looking for some friends to actually do things like killing the fuel weaver and others since I never get a chance to do such in public severs. Discord is nice. As for the timezone north america is fine. Post here if you're interested.
  5. You like wendy, huh? I play her all the time she's my favorite. I'm very knowledgeable in the game save for some of the newest bosses, I'm looking for someone to play with so do have me in mind.