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  1. alarm sensor

    I"d like one. I use yellow alert to sweep slime periodically, but like to keep a box of slime inside my mushroom farm. That would allow me to lock down access to the farm while I swept swamp.
  2. Not sure if a medicine pack is consumed, but I sure seem to be needing to produce a lot of them.
  3. Check out my Micromanaged Apartments Dupes sh*t and shower first thing in the morning, in lieu of a sink, and come back to finish the shower after breakfast, but before social time.
  4. The old Professions tab had a box in the top right corner. I think it said "Auto assign priorities". Checking it would retain an increased priority upon a priority tab wipe based on current profession. Since its removal, micromanaging priorities at the individual dupe level has become a chore. Professions are gone, but we still have hats! Bring back the auto-assign box, and move the trigger to the selected hat! Easy! Now when you board wipe the priorities tab after an important project, you can still have someone cooking or researching or tinkering without having to issue every single command!