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  1. Is there a way to disable World Regeneration and Rollback votes? There was an incident where trolls reset my server completely and I had to do a back up save. Please help!
  2. Characters

    Is there a way to make a character from the workshop admin use only? For example, I want to make the Crash Bandicoot only to be chosen by admins. Is that possible?
  3. Is there a mod to disable disease and petrification?
  4. Friend Can't Connect

    Yeah we connected a different caves server, he’s stuck inside my old caves server because we had a corrupt save file. There’s actually a few people who can’t connect because they logged out in the caves that got deleted. What is their cryptic number? I went into the session files and there’s a lot of files that start with “A7”. I’m assuming all those files are different people who’ve joined my server?
  5. My friend automatically disconnects, I think it's because the server is trying to load him into a world that doesn't exist. Is there a way to delete his save file so he can come in at day one? This is what the log says: [00:32:29]: Client authenticated: (KU_856h49_k) Haruka [00:32:29]: [Steam] SendUserConnectAndAuthenticate for '76561198046658700' [00:32:30]: [Steam] Authenticated client '76561198046658700' [00:32:31]: [Shard] Read save location file for (KU_856h49_k) [00:32:31]: [Shard] Forwarding player to (1451123933) [00:32:31]: [Shard] Player KU_856h49_k trying to migrate to an unknown or not-ready world ((1451123933)) [00:32:31]: [Shard] Failed to initiate migration for a player forward. [00:32:31]: CloseConnectionWithReason: ID_DST_USER_CONNECTION_FAILED [00:32:31]: [Steam] SendUserDisconnect for '76561198046658700' [00:32:31]: [Shard] (KU_856h49_k) disconnected from [SHDMASTER](1) Please help!
  6. This issue has happened to me twice where my Caves server would crash on boot, basically it's in an endless reset loop. I looked through the logs and found this: Apparently it's a corrupt save file according to the people who run the servers (Sream-lines) has anyone else encountered this? It might also be because one of my Mods is outdated, but I'm not entirely sure how to do that either. Can someone help me out please? Server Logs.txt
  7. DS to DST

    Is there a way to convert a DS mod to DST? Please and thank you if you have any answers!