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  1. A couple of cold boys.
  2. Oops, late post *~*
  3. Watch out, It's a Water Baby I wanted to make an aquatic type breed. it's a jelly boi. (also did a sketch of it as an adult)
  4. I don't want to be that guy... GoH Wendy is pretty high on my want list... But other than that, any skinned items is a huge want. (I enjoy making base all pretty)
  5. Servers with 1000+ Days

    I leave for three hours, I make cookies, I come back and the thread is now to page four AND it still hasn't been locked. Sweet Jesus. ya'll-
  6. Servers with 1000+ Days

    True. But the arguments here are awful and misinformed. I should mention, I played on Clayfish (for like 100 in-game days) and not once did I see anyone be kicked, I wasn't kicked, and my friend who played longer than I did, didn't get kicked.I feel like this whole deal is strangely personal...? idk I don't want to continue theorizing. This whole thing is dumb.
  7. Servers with 1000+ Days

    Can't believe this thread is still alive, It's an embarrassment to the community on both sides. Also, surprised it hasn't been locked yet.
  8. Cute (not so) evil robot. <3 (first time joining the art stream challenge, wooo!)
  9. Servers with 1000+ Days

    Bro, I am so sorry this post turned into garbage.
  10. Servers with 1000+ Days

    First, I'm not apart of the "group" I'm a curious little fellow whos been following this "drama" for a bit and only came here to post because I saw some double standards. I'm having trouble understanding your point, I don't know how this has to do with "morals" and Bro, I think everyone is on "defense mode" because of the claims that have been made on this thread. The guy VERSUS isn't talking about what they did on Clayfish, he's talking about Ipsguiggle and I guess other servers?? (Also to say that "if you didn't post this wouldn't have happened" is a stalemate, legit can go both ways) Also, as I said it's just a game, things happen. People do challenges. Not everyone can enjoy things, there's no reason to insert "morals" into this. Dude, I jump around Public servers A lot, the place is like the Wild West, anything goes. Until Klei moderates it, this is how it's gonna be.
  11. Servers with 1000+ Days

    Bro, you were the first guy to comment on this post with "claims" of things that you weren't even there to see and saying you have "moles" looking into this. You are legit obsessed. If you didn't go and legit name drop, and post false claims no one would be here posting!
  12. Servers with 1000+ Days

    Ya'll keep saying "they should've made a private server if they didn't want griefers" and pretty much say what they did was no better than a griefer, if that's the case then anyone who ever complained about them should just make their own safe server to play on. Easy. Solved. BTW the original post about the 5000+ server states that it was a challenge to make a PUBLIC SERVER last that long, say what you will about if it was a good or bad thing, just stop saying "they should've made their own server" because the point was for it to be a public server. This is a game, guys.