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  1. Not sure if it is intended for this to have a chance in world generation but I have a village with no townhouses or pig traders other than shopkeepers. The detriment being that nobody pays me to pick up poop, and limited trading. And as far as i know right now if I spawn a townhouse with the console it will not spawn a pig trader of its own, and a console spawned pig trader will not live in a console spawned house.
  2. In my current game I do not have the Sterling Trough Deli in the first island village. I'm fairly certain it is supposed to be on the first island and it always has been before. I've never gotten far enough to go to the other islands in hamlet. You can see my main village and it shows the Deli icon up and to the left on a part of my land that I can see from the edge but not actually get to.
  3. I have this happening but for the Microbe musher being out of materials for lice loaf. It does this infinitely until the message goes away. Cannot confirm if it is only for food related buildings though. It is really quite annoying because it makes the alert noise constantly too.
  4. I have had this issue as well, I do not have the desert or deciduous biomes and only have Autumn and Winter seasons. I opened the world settings and changed one or 2 things I have not tested without opening the world customization Edit: After trying a couple world generations I have seen that the bug does not happen if you do not open world customization at all. But does occur if you open world customization and change nothing and just cancel out, also if you open world customization and change only the spring and summer season, as well as if you open world customization and change several setting including spring and summer seasons.
  5. Seems as though my problem is acutally a little different than this issue.