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  1. Ruins

    He described the game as painfully slow even on max speed, something I sympathize with greatly, which is remidied by using 10x+. A great many aspects are limited by merely time rather that duplicant efficiency. And even that is effectively (wrt human experience) multiplied by speed.
  2. Yep, that's briefly mentioned and linked.
  3. That's because pipes do not allow any disinfection by chlorine, and the die off rate will be the same for any atmosphere, depending only on the mass of the the fluid, the fluid type and the temperature. I haven't tried disinfection by rails because disinfection by bin is already very effective, isn't limited by space, and doesn't really need to be done very often. And using any rails is currently very computationally expensive.
  4. SPOM questions

    100% uptime produces the proper ratios for me. By the way, I highly recommend hydrogen on the bottom. For some reason with hydrogen on the top, one liquid tile often gets deleted and ruins everything.
  5. Ruins

    Highly recommend the 10x speed mod (configurable) or using debug mode super speed. You can also delete the buildings outright with debug, and generally play the game you want to play with it enabled.
  6. Thanks Khaim. I hadn't considered liquids. I'll add a note to clarify atmosphere means gas or liquid.
  7. A 3x9 region below the engine and any solid thrusters will have their medium heated directly, ignoring conductivity, at a certain DTU/s, up to exactly 3200K. Does not affect buildings, pipes, debris, etc - only media (gas, liquids, solid tiles) - and so vacuum negates this effect. It's tough to know if this "dry exhaust" heat region moves with the launch. My guess is it doesn't. (it does) The wet exhaust comes out a certain temperature dependent on type of engine and I'm nearly certain it doesn't depend on fuel temperature. There will be more wet exhaust, and therefore more associated heat / matter, if your launch distance is longer. A launch can fill a silo to maybe 5-10kg per tile for petrol, probably similar for the others.
  8. Cool Steam Vents

    The emission tile is indeed the 2nd right/2nd up from the bottom left above the neutronium. But the over pressure check is less than 5kg in any tile in a plus shape around that tile. Your 3rd layer has 5kg of water in this image. It has nothing do with output rate.
  9. [Game Update] - 372041

    It's 0.00001. And some mechanics don't even care about that, such as flash boiling. Insulated insulation tiles will boil liquid hydrogen when they're above -250C. It's a neat mechanic, and a great way to bypass conductivity.
  10. Battery switching lets you run an unlimited amount of power over any type of wire.
  11. [Game Update] - 372041

    Abyssalite transfers to liquids when it has enough energy to instantly vaporize 5kg of liquid and remain above the liquid's boiling point. It may also transfer to high conductivity tiles because it is not an insulated tile, and tile-tile conduction uses the average of the conductivities. It will also transfer to most tempshift plates. It may also transfer to debris if the debris that is on it does not transfer with the tile it is in (due to either equilibrium or low conductivity). Those cases are probably not bugs.
  12. I think you mean 500 degree naphtha, which will only be harder to cool down.
  13. That's half the fun... for certain types of damaged people. (:
  14. [Game Update] - 371502

    If you mean to surpass the 10kg/s limit, no. For one, the pump can only perform at 10kg/s. For two, a pipe segment can only pass 10kg/s. The reason the pipe is blocked is because this sort of sequence happens every second: Tick 0: Pipe is empty. Tick 1: Pump places up to 10kg of material into the pipe. Ticks 2-4: Pipe now has a non zero amount of material in it. The pipe is no longer eligible for pump outputs. Pipe is blocked. Tick 5: Material from pipe moves to next pipe segment. Pipe is empty. Tick 6: Equal to Tick 1. I haven't counted the ticks to see exactly when the pipe empties. It could be synchronous with ticks 1/6. But basically this is what is happening. It won't matter if you have one path or four for Tick 5 to alternate between. The pump only outputs to a single segment, and that segment will block.
  15. I am recommending to have bunker across your entire top row and right column. You don't have bunker across your entire top row.
  16. Lit workspace is only an interaction between a "duplicant" and light. It doesn't make sense to think of getting the buff under those situations a bug just because they are standing near machinery that may not benefit from it.
  17. Offscreen copper doesn't transfer heat

    The bug and current workarounds are described here:
  18. That is why you need to cover the right column.
  19. Yes, it is a game engine limitation that the majority of the computational load ends up on a couple threads. Best we can do is wait for more optimizations/multithreading/GPU offloaded compute.
  20. I've watched debris get knocked through an uninterrupted series of bunker doors, so I don't think there's a perfect solution. If you cover the very top row and the right most column of the map, you can approach reliability.
  21. No. You have simply demonstrated you still do not understand the difference between heat flow and temperature change. Nothing more.
  22. Flatulence was the reason atmosuits were changed. According to patch notes, it's fixed.
  23. This is a whole lot of bombastic nonsense and irrelevant story telling. I really cannot imagine how we would ever communicate with any success.
  24. You seem to understand that tempshifts conduct heat by their presence (or at best, do not). How do you imagine this isn't the opposite of insulation?
  25. Just about everything possible. Aggressive report pruning, 3 (active) dupes, limited pathing, a little bit of solid tiling. The base will probably break without a bunch of mods (especially high capacity storage), but you can see what you get. I get a solid 60 at 3x, and 53-57 fps while zoomed in to the lava at 10x. 40-50 with realistic static camera positions. On the testing branch.