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  1. Achievement Cheat Sheet

    Thank you for sharing.
  2. @Yank31 Pardon me, I'm very likely wrong about this. Every time I've had a rocket, I've already had a network, and it was influencing it without me realizing it. That's why I'd never seen a rocket bust through a door.
  3. @biopon Awesome. We've known about the 3x9 area and 3200K cap, but never had specific details like that. So the total kDTU/s for the dry heat is about 670% of the stated numbers (for the total area). Rad. We could do some experiments to find the wet mass exhaust rate.
  4. Show us a picture. Maybe we will notice the 35 grams of water in front of the reservoir. Or something.
  5. That makes sense of melting steel wires up top. If it didn't move with the animation it wouldn't do that. Do you have the numbers for solid boosters? And the dry heat for hydrogen? Numbers are per tile right?
  6. 800kg of rock tempshift acts as 200kg of rock heat capacity, which is less than 1/4th that of water. So one tempshift plate will bring about 45kg of steam to 80C. Do it twice for about 65C. Pretty bad returns at these temperatures. It's great for a clean up job, though.
  7. Hmm, never seen the rocket break the doors on return. They always seem to open well in advance. And the rocket waits for the doors to open. What I have seen is when the rocket returns and then the doors start to close, and finishes refueling before they close, it can launch through the doors and break them. So I add about a 45 second minimum delay before any launch.
  8. Smart Desalination

    Nice. Glad you achieved what you were trying to do. Yes that's what I meant by a tricked tepidizer. You can also trick electrolyzers to auto sort and work at any pressure with full uptime. It's been a subject again in a few recent threads.
  9. I think about 45-60 seconds. You basically hook up the rocket scanner (placed anywhere) to the door and a not signal to the gantry and you are nearly done your automation. Just like ruhrohraggy's post:
  10. Thanks for the save. At first I thought I had figured it out: that tile was cursed by a dark magic. But then I found out that one of your plants to the right of the cursed tile was in fact two plants. It seems you had two pips plant at the same time. You can uproot one of these and carry on, or just carry on and accept your rare doublereed. You'll have the same production either way. A tough-to-spot application of rule 1.
  11. Yes, only after construction. They exchange heat as debris prior to construction finishing. Build hot stuff in a vacuum, then deconstruct and bring it to your base if you want to use this.
  12. @7 and 4 Nothing obvious to me. Have you tried exiting the game once? Try running it for a few minutes on 1x speed. If the sim can't keep up some critter calculations are the first to be omitted.
  13. Only if it exceeds 15 to 45 degrees C. Then it is clamped to one of those. Except when you build with ice, then there is no minimum.
  14. Rocket scanners don't care about scan network quality. Set your silo to open on rocket scanner signal.
  15. Cool liquid

    Did he or you forget to put a source of cooling in the cooling system? Maybe a turbine somewhere? Is it a failed clone of @Blazing Falken's crying crab? Heat deletion through hydrogen deletion?
  16. Smart Desalination

    Your turbine is deleting a lot of heat per kg of water processed. Run the steam room colder. You may need to have multiple turbines to keep such a low temperature. By the way, the liquid vent is happy to output in up to 1000kg of steam, so if you want thermal stability just use more steam. You can cool your electrolyzer water before sending it through if you need to feed more heat into your tuner. This won't be as efficient as a tricked tepidizer though.
  17. Cool liquid

    The ratio depends on what temperature you want to keep the steam room at and the coolant. One turbine is usually plenty for multiple tuners.
  18. Cool liquid

    Short answer is yes. The turbine converts a massive amount of heat into a tiny amount of electricity.
  19. Definitely a feature so you don't have to micro manage which materials they grab for which projects. Been in the game since forever, or just about. Very diligent usage of it. You earned your biome. Did you isolate your other igneous rock so they didn't grab it for those projects?
  20. Rocket boosters MELTED

    Anything below 3200K melting point, including steel and obsidian, can melt under rocket fire without proper cooling. When you have a turbine cooled silo with an atmosphere of exhaust, you can stay below 350C and even aluminum will be fine. Solid boosters count as an extra engine and probably double or triple the dry heat, so cooling is even more important there.
  21. This is what I have been going on about. With oxygen on the bottom, in my experience, you must have a tile on the top left of the liquid. This cannot be done with the rust deoxidizer. So keep your oxygen on the top.
  22. I mostly have 5 transformers because they will charge each station very quickly. Technically it can support 20kW for about 4 seconds (2x20kJ + 5x4kJ + 4kW * 4 seconds is about 80kJ of stored potential). But I can only support 4kW total simultaneous and continuous load due to 5x800Watt generators. However, rarely you will have all of your consumers activated at the same time for very long. If you want to be sure you can support 5kW running non stop you will need a couple more generators, but more than likely in practice this will support an unspecified large number of substations that may total high power (e.g. 20kW or 40kW potential) which have 20% or 10% total uptime. Basically once you build it you will be able to inspect how often your generators are running, and it will probably be less often than you expected. From then you can decide when you need more generators.
  23. It's only a stop gap until petrol. Without either you are staying on the first planet without cargo, which means no niobium, which means no aquatuner petrol boiler, which may mean no petrol rocket depending on what you care about. Repeat for fullerene and LO2.
  24. BB3 is saying that pocketshells take up 2 spaces for pathing but only their bottom cell is checked to apply the confined debuff. Therefore you can confine them without giving them a debuff.