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  1. Put the eggs out of reach of dupes.
  2. Mistaken, yes. Decor is uncapped at any instant, so e.g. a decor bomb at night will make it easier to maintain max decor bonus throughout the cycle.
  3. You don't get magma flaking off from the ceramic? Seems like it would go right through ceramic if you ever let any mass accumulate. I would use obsidian or something, then any quality insulation tile for perfect insulation on the left. I like this idea, mostly because rails eat more FPS than pipes, so this gets around that problem.
  4. It works. In the picture the bottom liquid is 200kg brine and the top liquid is ~1000T polluted water. It explodes into huge quantities of polluted oxygen a few times a cycle. Keep the gas pressure above the PW below 1800g and the PW itself high.
  5. You could have one layer of petroleum in the steam room, or any ordinary tile in the steam room instead. Liquid-tile and tile-tile will be perfectly insulated even with sandstone insulation up to ~425ΔT, and others are better. Just gas is a problem. Good question. No. Flash boiling does not produce byproducts.
  6. Flash boiling when your insulation goes above 130C or so. (Hot stuff instantly melts/boils 5kg of material at a time, as long as the hot stuff has enough heat energy to remain above the phase change temperature. Gas will exchange with poor insulation but liquid won't, except to flash boil.)
  7. Wiki appears to be correct. 10/4/7/4/5/4. Iron/peace/copper/peace/gold/peace. 34 cycle cycle.
  8. Pips do this: In honor of the series, and because we have probably really figured it out by now, and because there is still confusion, here is Everything You Need to Know About Pip Planting. Thanks for the discoveries and shares along the way @Coolthulhu, @abud, @snoozer, @shuuny, @Lurve, @Gurgel, @Promethien, @OxCD, @bzgzd, @suxkar, @vascoegertklei, @mathmanican @Tobruk @Ketmol and many people I missed. 1. Planting rules. Pips will consider planting a seed in a tile under these conditions: The tile has no more than 2 other plants in a square 6 left, 6 down, 5 right, 5 up from the tile. It is either a "natural tile" of less than 150 hardness, a farm tile or a hydroponic farm. The pip can navigate to the seed and the tile, and there must be no buildings obstructing the plant's location. The atmospheric pressure is greater than 100g. The atmospheric temperature is around ±50C to ±100C of the requirements of the plant. If you can't figure out why your pip isn't planting, it is always rule #1. Details: 2. Optimal Horizontal Spacing The 3x3. Highest density pattern. This 15 tile span has 9 plants, or 60% density. Start out as shown, then remove each ladder starting from the right, waiting for the plant to take its place. The 1x1. This 15 tile span has 8 plants: 53% density. At long distances these two will be about even, but the 3x3 is nicer for placing buildings anyway. The Tree One. (UK spelling: The 3-1) Place a 2 space gap every third tree. This pattern allows for maximum branch density. The 4 middle ladders must be left there until all trees mature. This will ensure that the outer trees grow 4 branches on their exclusive spots, and the middle will be available for the middle tree to fill in. These spots are the outside 4. If you mess it up, you can still prune (dig) the middle branches out and they will respawn until you get maximum density. 3. Vertical Spacing For maximum density for normal plants go top to bottom to achieve a plant every 5th tile. For hanging plants go from bottom to top, every 6th tile. 4. How to make "natural" tiles As always, there are better and worse ways. The better way. Yup. You really just deconstruct a door. It needs all 7 tiles surrounding it. It also works when rotated and deconstructed from the right. The other ways usually involves using vole puke or cooking algae or fertilizer into dirt. For algae, you can construct/deconstruct storage bins to drop 1-10kg of algae into each location. The Glass Forge. Now with high efficiency thanks to @abud. Place 5kg algae per tile and set the valve to 2084 (25kg glass / 12). Original recommendation in the spoiler. The Tuner/Tepidizer. You can cook it from below with an aquatuner or tricked tepidizer. The Tricked Space Heater. Cook it from all over. Metal Refinery and Conveyers. 5. But why won't they plant! It's always rule #1. Here are some examples of problems and how to identify them by applying rule #1. Thanks for reading! Please share if you have found any exceptions or better methods.
  9. The germ sensors detect germs in the atmospheric gas of the tile it is in or conduit material. There's almost no way for a chlorine atmosphere to take on germs from your debris. What you should do is store all your stuff in a chlorine room and slimelumg will be eradicated before long.
  10. Nothing obvious to me. There may be an upper pressure limit, but I don't think it's that low. Check for double plants on the right, or any plants below, or maybe upload the save.
  11. I've described above why I believe it's best practice to over spec your transformer backbone. Your substations will charge essentially instantly regardless of how many happen to flip at the same time, so your generators will be able to provide total potential wattage often far above their rating as long as the average wattage is below that. This can all be done 1kW at a time, it just takes more space.
  12. I don't know why we're talking about generators now. In your first quote, I was indicating that you do not need to use heavy watt if you use the alternative provided by the OP. In which case you will be using many 1kW transformers to provide the necessary power for your whole base.
  13. Yes, sure, one 1kW transformer. For your whole base.
  14. If that's how you think of it. They do not produce PO2 when submerged in any amount of liquid anymore.
  15. No. You used to be able to prevent the pressure limit so that they could always produce PO2. The way that morbs should be used is that they should never be used.
  16. That was just a sketch before I could workshop it. I worked on it a bit more and I'm very happy with this design now. Materials are all Obsidian/Iron/Iron Ore. Results in 1.3ΔK on screen and 1.0ΔK off screen. If you extend it by 3 tiles this becomes 0.3ΔK always. (20x speed numbers) Rail path: Much easier to follow and aesthetic now too. I don't usually try to min max in sandbox, so thanks for the inspiration.
  17. Well then. That's interesting. I wonder how that is possible.
  18. This won't break for any pressure of gas, but it will break if you excavate the tile adjacent to the oil before the one adjacent to petroleum, for a similar reason to the bypass pump. This will often happen if you send an excavate command to both at the same time.
  19. Here's the idea. Should be good in both states. Scale to liking.
  20. It can be done with the above design pretty easily. It's partially done for the bottom right for regolith. You can have two bridges pointing back to the center every third tile. I'll mod it tomorrow. It takes up one more row on the top and bottom, but you might be using insulation there anyway. Hmm, center needs one more row too.
  21. At least last year they were jumping over gaps, here's a post from this one guy.
  22. I don't intend to take away from your suggestion. As a current alternative, if your mobile device has internet access you may find oni-db, tools not included, and the oni assistant websites of great use. They take data directly from the game files, so they are not 98% misinformation like wikis.