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  1. Salt water volcano

    You can't really exploit this very well, since like 99% of the gained heat is lost again when condensing to liquid and any heating beyond vaporization is net zero. You gain a little bit each time you cycle phases due to the difference. The best you could push this would be by using the 1/10th conduit rule and bringing the temp down do 150C before solidifying. But still, probably not worth it.
  2. This is madness. Awesome.
  3. Meanwhile my oxygen pressure is something like 3000T per tile... Submerged electrolyzers is another case. The output can delete the top left liquid tile in some circumstances it seems.
  4. Practical Volcano Magma Pump

    A simple exchanger with high conductivity everywhere would take e.g. 0C and 100C water inputs and make both 50C outputs. With counterflow you can do much better by only letting the hot hot stuff touch the hot cold stuff, etc. Taking the temp at a few locations of transfer might look like this. 100C hot stuff with 99C cold stuff. 60C hot stuff with 59C cold stuff. 1C hot stuff with 0C cold stuff. When you add metal tiles and tempshifts, generally you are adding these types of heat transfers to the system: 65C cold stuff with 70C cold stuff 45C hot stuff with 50C hot stuff. These only reduce the efficiency. You want as much of the top stuff and as little of the bottom stuff.
  5. Practical Volcano Magma Pump

    Yes - any heat transfer between the same medium is an inefficiency, so metal tiles and tempshifts usually work against you.
  6. Space Question

    Yes, fixed.
  7. We do that too. That's a different, good thing. It was once worse, but still seems to happen. You can watch us self immolate if they make a big balance change.
  8. Yes. You can just drop them into water with no way out and they will eventually become meat. Or you can drop them anywhere and they will starve or die of old age and eventually become meat.
  9. There are better and worse ways to search. For example, if you generalized it to killing critters, you would find many recent and practical examples, such as:
  10. They should clearly produce water because both are blue. But Klei likes their useless and unused critters.
  11. While we're mentioning designs, Yunru's is the best. Requires essentially no tech and offers 10kg/s throughput.
  12. Even if you are a native speaker, people will snap at you for mostly anything here.
  13. My guess is it can happen when deconstructing / constructing new piping. I believe I've seen interruptions in flow when doing so, which could cause something like this to happen.
  14. Yes, essentially every item on any type of filter list can only be set after you have unlocked it on your list to the right.
  15. No problems here. Before spawning eggs in range of duplicants: After spawning eggs in range of duplicants:
  16. Buildings don't exchange heat with their contents. The stored hot natural gas exists as debris above the root of the building. The water exists as debris at the root of the building. When gas is ejected from the root of the building at 240C, it exchanges heat with the water debris and causes it to become steam. Adding thermal buffer is often a good enough solution.
  17. It's delivered 3 eggs just fine. Now it's waiting for a dupe to come crack the eggs. But there is no path for a dupe to get there. Some alternatives to Egg Crackers, in case you didn't know. Just store eggs. They will crack on their own. Just heat eggs up. They will become omelettes on their own.
  18. Put the eggs out of reach of dupes.
  19. Mistaken, yes. Decor is uncapped at any instant, so e.g. a decor bomb at night will make it easier to maintain max decor bonus throughout the cycle.
  20. You don't get magma flaking off from the ceramic? Seems like it would go right through ceramic if you ever let any mass accumulate. I would use obsidian or something, then any quality insulation tile for perfect insulation on the left. I like this idea, mostly because rails eat more FPS than pipes, so this gets around that problem.