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  1. Same, 5kg and 10kg per for me, for wild too. Been a while since I had one though.
  2. Battery Heat Math Question

    I can do the calculation when I get home, but transformers have no runoff and generate infinite heat, so you could answer the second question "yes" if you use those instead.
  3. Entomb them in doors and they will cook very quickly.
  4. Drop them one at a time, with an egg, in your smooth hatch ranch? That sounds hard. I'd prefer heated doors in a vacuumed room.
  5. Exosuit shortcuts

    Actually I meant what happens when they go vertically. I thought you were saying you can keep all your dupes in suits all the time like this, so I figured that you had tricked them to staying in them when moving vertically. But it seems like that wasn't the case. Darn.
  6. Exosuit shortcuts

    What in the world! Very cool. Are they required to be in a suit when moving through either direction?
  7. This is insane, straightforward, and beautiful.
  8. Have you had a look at wild voles? You can start accumulating them early on and getting free meat forever with fewer critter counts (32000 kcal per). But it depends on your demand.
  9. Those are my rankings from personal experience only. I do believe both of those things help, but I wasn't able to demonstrate them convincingly in terms of measured FPS. All other items I observed measurable speed gains.
  10. 100T limit is hard coded due to rounding errors at high masses. It's probably possible to mod, but I'd be surprised if it didn't break a lot more than you'd hope for.
  11. It's been so long I nearly forgot. 6 is in fact kill and isolate critters. Fast Save After this mod was released, Klei optimized some of the previously very bloated data structures. It's not as big of a change as it used to be, but should still have some effect. They find the nearest pile (to them) of unclaimed material. So it looks through every possibility a fairly optimal way, probably A*. After it finds the nearest, it will continue to gather up to maybe 5 other very nearby piles.
  12. Best things I did for my fps/save time in order. Use a half width map. Now I stay at 60fps at 20x speed. Build a $2000 desktop. Minimize rail usage. Use only 3 dupes. Use the mod that deletes cycle data. Placebo level: filling in the map with solid tiles, debris consolidation. But still gonna do them for sure. FYI you can mod storage to contain unlimited debris. But the debris still splits up into multiple stacks at 25T/100T. So it's still the same as throwing it on the ground in 25/100T stacks. Not sure, but I think the mod for this helps them to stack to 100T instead of 25T, which means 4x fewer piles. (5x vs vanilla bins)
  13. Now I feel a bit embarrassed - I didn't mean that very seriously. I don't think there are many good uses for CO2, nor slicksters to be among them. But now that you have a project idea from Ix, that's all that matters.
  14. Make dry ice. Throw it on the ground. I'm not sure what next. Yeah just crush it in a door or store it forever. CO2 is the easiest thing to generate if you ever needed it. And you don't.
  15. The short answer is Crude Oil will not flow until it reaches 0.4kg, at which point the next frame it will flow 0.1kg to the left and leave 0.3kg in its place. This value can be calculated by multiplying the minimum horizontal flow rate by 4. The long answer (legendary post by archwizard @mathmanican):
  16. No, contents of all buildings only interact as if they are ordinary debris in front of the building in the root tile. (Debris can interact thermally with the medium of the tile it occupies, or, if it fails to due to equilibrium or thermal clamping, can interact with the medium of the tile below.) The exception is in the case of buildings with the "insulated" flag, such as the pitcher pump, rocket tanks, and the ice maker and probably the refrigerator. In which case the contents are thermally isolated from the world. But the material properties of the building won't change any of this. Proof: Contents is 1t of hot steel.
  17. .1g of brine below .02g of water works just as well. It just needs to be 2 deep. →They won't go to a tile with liquid above it. If you're setting up a shearing room, you can confine them to just the one cell in front of the shearing room like this. (I recommend naphtha or viscogel on the bottom tile so that you can always keep the bottom layer mass above 2kg to prevent off gassing when bringing anything through.)
  18. 0.1g/s of any liquid lighter than crude oil. This swaps places with the tile to the diagonal bottom left of it. Then it destroys itself. (falling liquid tiles 10g or less destroy themselves after falling one tile) It is used to vacuum out the evaporation chamber nearly instantly. (PW won't offgas above about 1800g) You need to provide a loop back with a bridge in case the PO2 room reaches >1T per tile, so it doesn't ever accumulate to more than 10g, or you will start pouring the water in the room.
  19. They can eat from them if you put them next to a wall
  20. Yep, which means they are in range of the check for 3 plants.
  21. That's mostly right: wilds reproduce at the same speed as glum+tame, and in fact consume calories slightly faster, but the difference is wild status prevents starvation. Test update: the hatch began to starve at 49/100 age and had about 72% reproduction. Dies at 90%.
  22. Ungroomed unfed tamed hatches starve to death at 57.5 cycles of age. They take 65 cycles to lay an egg. Testing this math again in the same map now. Testing confirms this with some imprecision. If you keep them in a vacuum, the hatches will be happy to eat 1300C igneous rock with no adverse reactions.