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  1. I would have some ideas about the game. These are not so important changing, but make sense I think. 1. If player uses umbrella should give some % waterproof to players near to it. Or it could give waterproveness only if both player, with umbrella and without it, stand (not moving) next to each other. 2. I love Klei music but if I wait in menu for others, and until the start I am listening music or watch a video, the music is frustrating a bit. Please give a music on/off function in main menu. 3. It would be good if Klei account would sign me somehow which redeemable skin is what I own in game in any way. That's all
  2. I don't know it is a bug or something else, but when sealnado comes, Wilson say: "It sounds big " or something else. However night came and without any text or sound sealnado attacked me with AoE attack from full darkness and I died