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  1. My suggestion to remove Beards menu to replace it into Wardrobe menu to the correct characters as dedicated character clothes like Wormwood's cactus cloth. Beards are survivor filtered skins, but we have to choose/look these skins in separated menu and I don't understand why it cannot be chosen with other clothes. Furthermore Beard hair really needs an upgrade to craft much more things than now, but that is an other topic. I would be glad to see way to form Woodie's and maybe Warly's beard separately, because it is a beard too, isn't it? Thats all. I am very interested what's your opinion the separated beard menu and some more option about beards.
  2. It's just a small thing, but please, make the chest signing with sign table much more simple. Maybe if we give a special mini slot to all chest which is a dedicated sign slot where you can place only minisign or make a sign chest option instead of simple plant function. The problem is, if we have more chest, nearly impossible to place sign correctly and it can only be seen from 1 direction. If other players have different point of view, they always have to turn the camera. Because we will have a chest update, it would be nice to do it too.
  3. I thought the second suggestion a bit weird too when I wrote it. I understand the problem, but I don't think cheapness is an issue, then transform should be more expensive. Ingredients can be easily changed, use beard (btw. beardhair has only 2 recipes and 1 is character specific), 20 wool in each space, torch, thermal stone anything. Maybe some misunderstanding about "no storage capacity". I mean that way, chester cannot store any stuff furthermore. About entering chester is weird: I saw some artwork when Wolfgang put stuff in chester and thinks it kinda gross. Yes it is but useful, isn't it? We store stuff in a mob. Back to the topic, First I wanted kinda lunar chester, but I did not have any useful idea. I thought about teleportable chester, double stack place but fewer slots (its an opposite of nightmare chester's more slot), but in the end I did not like these ideas.
  4. I like chester's transformation and I would be glad to see some more. I thought about some conceptions which could be useful. So we have nightmare fuel and ice box chester but what do you think about these: firebox chester: put 9 red gem into chester and at full moon it would be transform to firechester - It doesn't give heat aura but could keep thermal stone warm. - It would be fire proof and immune to fire damage - It would dry wet stuff fluffy chester: put 9 wool into chester and full moon it becomes fluffy - no storage capacity - cannot move - you can go into chester for insulation or sleep. If chester attacked both of you take damage and sleep instantly breaks over - you can transform chester back by eyebone
  5. I hope this the right place to write: I created a game to test some game mechanics. Everything went right when here happened a blackout for a sec. Pc restart and others, but when I logged in my hosted game disappeared. I don't know it's natural or bug. However it would be very bad if a long game kinda be lost this way. I just wanted to sign them It happened and if it possible it should need a solution.
  6. In my opinion, how much hp walls have is irrelevant. The problem is the following: Mobs do not realize they cannot pass between 2 structure or attack them. Yes it is pretty good to make use of mechanics and see how they work, but the walls biggest advantage is how cheap to build. 24 Stone wall block enough to a small cage to close some mob. But for this, the wood fence will work too. Main goal of walls are not to block the enemy; just slow them while we could kill them but we cannot do that. Darts cannot go through the walls every time. Catapults destroy the walls, Tooth traps very often work without damage, and bramble traps damage the walls too. However if I use Stagehands: Darts work correctly, catapults do not deal dmg to and mobs never attack them. Additionally, dogs sometimes attack the walls without any reason. If I only want control mobs, the wood fence is enough. I think some mob move mechanic upgrade would be good. For example, If a dog ( does not have free route to target) or (senses free route, but spends 5 sec next to a Structure without bark or bite) -> attacks the very next wall or structure to him.
  7. It's a telltale heart Loyal skin, Stolen Heart, and i accidentally redeemed it from Klei rewards. I only realized after the purchase the problem.
  8. My issue us the following: I have 2 same item which cannot be unraveled or traded. Because I have two of this item I cannot do anything with the duplicate. Is there any way to get rid of this or hide? Maybe there would be a solution to make use of these items. They should be only useable in in-game Trade inn.
  9. I agree with some of the ideas (portable science machine, more prototype sanity for him, other character's empowering). However I understand there is need a beginner character which is not too complex for newbies to they could know the world and mechanics so after then they try the others. For this reason I think Wilson should be a survivor character. Maybe he should lose half of the max health on resurrect than the others. This would give some help the newbies but wouldn't be absolute useless for veterans too.More beard recipes should be good. We have only 2 recipes for beard hair and one is character specific. For example some warming clothes or waterproof stuff.
  10. I don't know it is a bug or something else, but when sealnado comes, Wilson say: "It sounds big " or something else. However night came and without any text or sound sealnado attacked me with AoE attack from full darkness and I died