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  1. @TinyBitQuantum There’s another easier way to make a vacuum just tile in the area you want to vacuum and then deconstruct the tiles.
  2. There’s always the option to not use bins at all I see them as a complete waste of time.
  3. That’s not what I’m talking about there’s a cooling exploit that still works involving doors.
  4. If the vacc doors catch on tho it will probably get patched pretty quick I don’t think the vacc door relies on such a core engine flaw like the borg cube did.
  5. Thank you for the response @Ayka time to bust out the old door builds
  6. Anyone know if vacuum door or ladder cooling still works?
  7. It was a bug it probably just got “silelently” fixed.But on the topic dose anyone know if hatches still eat solidified gases?
  8. That’s good but I still might rerole because I don’t want to miss any new features.
  9. @Neotuck I would rather throw out exploring than realize my base has no water source on cycle 400 but we will se in time what moves are necessary.
  10. Or you could rerole maps until you get all the geysers then check in debug to see if the seed is suitable to have a proper play through.
  11. •temp sensor max increased very nice but how much? how bout the atmo sensor?