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  1. Cookpot flashing cookpot-with-wet-goop on and off. I placed a syrup pot over the fire right as my friend placed the small cookpot. Syrup pot disappeared/was replaced by the small cookpot. When small cookpot finished cooking, we took it off the fire but then there was an image of a small cookpot still on the fire but when interacting with the fire, it acted like there was nothing there (ie. Winona said, "this fire needs a pot" or something like that). We made it go away by putting the small cookpot back on the fire briefly to replace the image and it was gone when we took it off. Had to buy a new syrup pot because it disappeared. Everything put onto that fire after that (small cookpot, large cookpot, new syrup pot) would flash with wet goop on and off. Still worked fine-ish, was just the image. When it was done cooking the pot without wet goop would release steam while it would still flash the wet goop pot. Hope that kinda makes sense? Nothing over the fire: Flashing cookpot: and Flashing new syrup pot: and
  2. My Friend Drew Me This

    She doesn't post her art much on social media (they're more in sketchbooks) but here's another DST one, straight from her art Instagram;
  3. Great mash-up! Really intriguing and I'm listening to it as I write my paper.
  4. My best friend drew me this for my past birthday. Considering the amount of time we spent together on DST, her hunting and me cooking and feeding her, I (and all our DST friends) thought it very appropriate. She's an art major and both characters are very accurate to our real look (I actually wear that outfit irl). Its just great and I wanted to share it with fellow DST players!
  5. The Forge Has Ended

    I for some reason can't weave anything with my remaining spools. The option for weave is greyed out.
  6. Known Issues

    Hullo, This is my first world and I don't know how to fix this. My dupe will constantly vacuum meal lice from his left side, turn to vacuum from the right side, and cycle back to the left side. He's stuck in an endless loop of just vacuuming up meal lice, but it doesn't add towards my total. I've tried manual moving him out but he doesn't follow, just stays there alternately vacuuming non-existing meal lice.