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  1. I'm aware there are already bug reports of this that have been resolved, but I've noticed that for some reason when you place too many sails on a boat, masts will start to be left behind on the water as you sail. It's also apparently possible to walk on water when the boat breaks going fast enough or fall into the water without the boat breaking. I found that the boat seems to stop losing sails after it has 8 or less. Note: As far as I'm aware, as of the most recent update this is still a problem, so I thought it was worth mentioning.
  2. I think I'll just add, the same thing happened to me when I left buildings and went to different rooms in Ruinous areas holding the lighter. Unequipping and reequipping it seems to fix the problem, temporarily.
  3. If you have built a chest inside of the house after purchasing it, and then it somehow catches fire, all the items inside of it won't drop when it's done burning. The same seems to apply to shelves in your house, but I'm not sure if this happens in stores too.
  4. Makes me feel a little silly that I missed that... thanks for the redirect though.
  5. For some reason, if you have Willow's Lighter equipped, when you leave a building in the pig town or go to different rooms in a ruinous area, the light will go out. This is fixed when you unequip and re-equip it.
  6. For whatever reason, if you leave a store while holding Willow's Lighter in the Hamlet Beta, when you appear outside of it after the transition, it will stop working. This is fixed when you unequip and re-equip it.
  7. A much needed update there, thanks. I just wanted to ask, is it intentional that you can't weave the Mumsy and Billy vignette? Might sound silly but it's adorable and I want it. :3