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  1. It looks like if you already voted on the background color, it won't let you vote for the beaver question at all.
  2. Uncertain what caused my save to become corrupted just now. I was just logging in and out of the game screenshotting a few other bugs to report, and when I tried to log back in this time, the server menu stated the save was on Day 1. (It was on Day 53 when I logged out a few minutes prior.) If I try to load up the server, I get the error message in the third screenshot. I'm not using any mods, and I've uploaded the save and client log. (Edit: Originally posted to the wrong bug report section. Sorry about that.) Cluster_2.zip
  3. Having the same problem. Caged bird just disappears after shutting down and reloading the server. Had this happen with a crow first, and just tested again with a canary.
  4. Thermal stones using the metamorphosed flame skin and stored in a fridge until cold lose their inventory icon skin upon logging out and in again. Placed on the ground, the item itself is still skinned, but in the inventory or fridge they look like unskinned thermals. Not using any mods.
  5. Yeah, I found that throwing a bath bomb into a hot spring will make it glow at night. (And possibly warmer than an unaltered hot spring?) A saladmander that hangs out at that hot spring long enough will morph into their red form. I was able to push a sleeping green one next to the spring and watch it transform after a little bit.
  6. Ha! Thank you for this. This is explains why my base caught fire in the middle of winter! One of these guys ripened to this red stage because I put a bath bomb into the hot spring it called home, then normal and blue hounds went after him. I was off screen for a second, then the next thing I know, that part of my base was on fire.
  7. I also had this issue while playing Wickerbottom (I was using her Gladiator skin at the time, in case that helps narrow it down). I noticed it happening shortly after entering or exiting a cave. Equipping a lantern (in my case, a Winter's Feast skin lantern) caused it to not show in her hand, but it was clearly equipped as there was the appropriate illumination around me. In the screenshot below, you can see I have a football helmet (also using a Forge item skin) and backpack (catcoon skin) that are invisible too. It also refused to show my Gardenrose Attire on occasion after zoning between the main shard and the caves, showing the default Gladiator Wickerbottom underclothes instead. Playing completely unmodded.
  8. I also died by drowning on a boat, and upon resurrection with a touch stone, could no longer drop items from my hand nor craft things. Playing completely unmodded.
  9. I know, that's why I said it was one of the things in the mod I was looking forward to. Ooo, looking forward to making a field of blinking Abigail flowers now too.
  10. What a pleasant little change! Having icons for all the other skins really helps make the screen look nice and uniform. Is it odd that one of the things I'm looking forward to the most in this mod is the different skins having different map icons? It would really help in identifying which Wes is which on the map at a glance when a certain mime is asking for help.
  11. A Pig Guard in town prioritized picking up the oincs the Masked Pig punched out of me (in front of the guard) rather than attempt to fight the criminal at all. (Intentional social commentary? )
  12. Ah, I have the same bug! I posted my save file in the thread I had started as well. Just commenting here also to note that it was also raining in my game when the bug started, and it's still raining in the save file I uploaded as well.
  13. Okay, I believe "porkland_1_dlc_porkland.file" is the correct save file. It should be Wolfgang right next to the purchased house. (Also included in the zip is another file in the same folder named "survival_2_dlc_porkland.file", which I assume is the RoG Wilson save I also started in the beta client. I think I started and played it in between saving in the Hamlet Wolfgang with a working house and then loading Hamlet Wolfgang with the black screen.) porkland_1_dlc_porkland.zip edit: After seeing @gary9996 report the same bug and mention the rain in his save, I'd like to note it was also raining in my game when the bug started too. It should still be raining in the uploaded save.