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  1. well, if he sees this, its most likely would have a plan B :P
  2. so I think that if I were a developer, a link on a live would be a good... idea
  3. at this point in the investigation, I think it might be something
  4. i don't watched the live, did they talked about puzzle or something?
  5. Truth but I think they had a lot of time to put a date so long June 14 think it should be still in May
  6. just because we know the date of the event does not mean that we should close n is it?
  7. klei had plenty of time to do this new event, I think it should be June 14 should be the launch of the event without being in beta
  8. so sad they can not be hiding forever, they'll have to talk
  9. There are people on the live are you there?
  10. the event will come out at the same time as live? Seriously, I'm very lost here.