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  1. Thank you everyone for chiming in! Indeed, entering 'LC_ALL=C %command%' (without the quotes) as a starting option in Steam solved the problem. Splendid!! Very happy!
  2. Oh, I found where to find and include error messages - in ~/.config/unity3d/Klei/Oxygen Not Included/Player.log Allrighty. This looks like a possible culprit: vertex shader 0(4) : error C0202: extension OVR_multiview2 not supported Player.log
  3. Hi there, I was very happy when ONI came to Linux and bought it right away. Nice job, Klei team, thanks for thinking of us even though we're a small audience as of now. The game starts nicely, I can choose characters and the loading screen displays correctly. All text up to here is legible. After that, I get a message that has unreadable text. Clicking on the right button exits immediately, clicking on the left button brings up another notification. Clicking the button here exits the game. I can then restart the game and have an active savegame to continue. If I do that, it seems to load okay, I get a brief flickr of the world visible as it should be, and then the world goes black (UI remains visible though). I'm on a Linux Mint 17 machines with all updates (Kernel 2.2.16). I use an NVIDIA GTX 750 with the recommended driver 384. I assume it's a graphics issue. I'd gladly provide more insight, but dmesg doesn't yield any errors and I'm not sure where I could find them... I also assume this is normal infancy for the Linux version and will patiently wait. I hear others are already playing it, so it must be some version hiccups or something like that.