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  1. Is there a way to prevent the dialog from appearing when booting from steam? For example, the option to start 64bit on the -force64bit command line. -force32bit etc ...
  2. It is a machine translation. Please forgive it if it is difficult to read. The first time for each mod works very well. When updating, you cannot specify a different directory. /Other than DST Directory/MODNAME/Versionx.x.x/ At the time of version up, I moved the mod to a different location and then specified to upload that directory, but I want to update, but because I go to read the previous directory, "Error: The version specified in modinfo.lua needs to be different than the current version in the Steam Workshop." Is output. Despite explicitly changing directories. Now rename to the directory of the past version, ./Version1.2.3/ (old) ./Version1.2.4/ (new) I am updating with 1.2.4 in 1.2.3. This works. However, this is not assumed. If it is supposed to specify the directory of the test stage under ./mods/, I want to return to that, but I can not change it because "I can not read it even if I change it". Also, if you delete the directory where the updater was successful for the first time and try it ./Version1.2.3/ (old) -> remove ./Version1.2.4/ (new) this select "Data folder is invalid." Is output. No matter what directory you specify in the UI. It worked fine when I was updating on Windows, but after switching to linux (ubuntu20.04.2 LTS) I have problems. (I can't go back to Windows anymore.)