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  1. Having this problem too on Windows. Setting an OR gate with a dupe sensor to keep it on when the smart batteries fill up doesn't seem to help either, still leaves when the smart batteries send a red signal. Worse, it seems that it doesn't just interrupt: it removes the task entirely. Locked the Electrical Engineer in the power room and they just went idle until the smart batteries triggered the green signal again.
  2. [Game Update] - 272331

    I guess I am going to be using that second Natural Gas Geyser I found.
  3. My Plumber, Stinky, refuses to do any sort of Empty Pipe jobs. I have tried having the Tidy job priority maxed and disabled any other possible jobs he might do (just does other tidy jobs instead) maxed the sub-priority of the pipes (still nothing), turned on Advanced Mode and walked him to the pipes are (walks away to the next-closest job) etc... The *only* scenario I've found where he actually empties the pipes is when I wall him off in the same room as said pipes... and he will still do all other possible Tidy jobs before going for the pipes. The Subterranean Beyond.sav
  4. Duped ignoring sweep commands (R1-258798)

    Same issue here on PC. Have set dupes to Gofer, Groundskeeper, jobless. Never sweep the stuff I ask to sweep, even on Urgency 9. The Outrageous Hovel.sav
  5. [Game Update] - 253894

    I think the best solution to that would be for Jobs to be more general at first, and then start getting more specific the higher you go (as you get more dupes) You kinda see that with the Engineer line, but you could apply it to others. That way, important tasks that at the moment lie outside of the first jobs most players would assign (like, cleaning the toilet) are still done without having to fiddle with priorities within the first couple of cycles just to get the base to run like normal. Like for example, have the base builder job also do engineering work, the base Gofer job also prioritize tidy jobs, and the base digger job also does farming. Then when you go up the job list, you can assign a dupe to only do building or engineering, supply or tidy, etc.
  6. [Game Update] - 253538

    Going back to 1-9 from 1-5* Kinda reminds me of that Rick & Morty clip where Morty gets to experience true level. I can understand why you want to go back and iron out the bugs, but it really was the superior way to run the base once you figured out the quirks.
  7. [Game Update] - 253063

    Feels like my dupes get Hypothermia a lot easier than they did before, but otherwise I can still easily avoid food poisoning and slimelung by putting wash basins next to toilets and the doors to the slime biome.
  8. [Game Update] - 253063

    I've had my miner nearly kill himself about once every two cycles mining out all the space for new tiles, and in doing so, either trapped himself in water or in CO2. Tiles still need to follow the resource before mining rule as well.
  9. Micro Musher Destroying Meal Lice

    Are you sure you're not mistaking kg with kcal? It's kinda confusing that all the cooking recipes put the requirements in kcal, but they do (why? because different foods are more nutritional than others for their weight. kcal tracks how much they feed your dupes, kg tracks how much can be carried/space they take in storage.) Liceloaf in the preview takes 1200 kilocalories (or if you prefer, Calories) of meal lice, which would weigh 2000 grams, so the mushing shouldn't be destroying your meal lice.
  10. Gas / Liquid output is bugged

    So does deconstructing and rebuilding. Guessing it's not checking after building/loading to see if it's connected to a completed system.