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  1. @Zillvr I didn't install any AV recently or such. However.... I tried white listing it in AV. I can now enter the caves!! *break dance* Hehehe Thank you very much!! Its fixed now. Thank you for your time and help <3
  2. Im sorry for the late reply. Here are the files: @Zillvr Cave followed by Master file I tried verifying the game, no anomalies. As for the cache I do not know where it is located. I cant enter all caves in public dedicated/ player-hosted servers. For player-hosted server my friend is the host and i tried hosting one too, still cant enter. As for dedicated i always enter the vanilla servers. server_log.txt server_log.txt
  3. Please help. We cant enter the caves be it private or public caves. It happened yesterday. We tried deleting all the mods from steam folder and unsubing them. There none (mods) listed in-game and in our subscribed items list. We didnt use any mods and our internet was stable. I tried reinstalling it but it still didnt work. Please help. DST is boring without caves. This keeps popping up. Thank you in advance for response.